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    One of the biggest causes of childhood asthma is living in homes with adult smokers. Unless this factor is taken into account the claim is weakened. Smoking is still prevalent in lower social economic groups.

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    I think that it is clear from the data gathered that the South Bronx has bad rates compared to the US as a whole, either for children or for people in general.

    The next question to ask how South Bronx compares to other asthma hot spots.

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      I’m still early in researching this question, but here are a few first sources I’m looking at:
      Asthma “capitals”:
      Asthma in NY state:
      CDC data

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    Given that the figures quoted show that childhood asthma in Bronx is below the national average, I don’t see why this fact check cannot be closed as “Not correct”.

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      Closing the loop from the Discord discussion: It appears to me that this fact check may not have been researched enough, and that the current figures quoted do not show the full story.

      Consider from the current story:
      “Chronic asthma among children on a national level in 2016 was 8.3% according to the CDC. [3] A statement released by NYC Department of Health put Bronx asthma rates at 8.1%, highest in New York. [2]”

      Source [3, mentions that childhood rates of asthma are much higher among minority groups like Blacks and Puerto Ricans. Those groups are very well represented in the South Bronx.

      Also, while source [2, quotes figures lower than the [3], it’s not clear to me that it may be applying a different methodology and giving low rates across the board (so we’d be comparing “apples and oranges” in a sense). That said, it does give the Bronx the highest rate in NYC.

      At least one source (not in the story currently) says that childhood asthma rates in the South Bronx are “eight times higher than the national average” (

      There’s also CDC data showing that the South Bronx has high adult levels of asthma (

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        Also, the current story states
        “A multi-state study of 1772 children ages 5–11 yrs published in 2009 found that “Bronx children were significantly more likely to be sensitized to reported aeroallergens in their homes than were children from the other sites”. [1] While this study did not determine that children living in the Bronx had higher rates of asthma it did conclude “poorer asthma outcomes” in Bronx children.”

        However, that study includes in its background information references regarding childhood rates of asthma:
        “In a school-based sample, 15.5% of 4–5-year-old Bronx children were identified as having asthma compared with 9.2% of New York City students overall (1) and 8.9% of US children 2 to 17 years of age (2). “

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        Also source [2, quotes Senator Rubin Diaz as saying “As the Senator representing the South Bronx where asthma rates are the highest in the nation, I support these health awareness initiatives to help parents manage their children’s asthma”, so I don’t think the source intends to imply the opposite of this claim.

        And source [1, states that: “Pediatric asthma prevalence rates in Bronx children far exceed national pediatric asthma rates.”

        I think the paragraph comparing the 8.1% and 8.3% figures from different sources is highly misleading. I’m going to remove the paragraph, and maybe reuse the sources in some other capacity that’s consistent with their own statements.

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