Xi Jinping claiming that the domestic laws are weapons to fight the others with

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        Xi Jinpin holds multiple roles in the People’s Republic of China: the president, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC). How is he able to control the big machine? His recent article shows that the answer may be linked to the legal system in China.

        QuiShi is a journal published by the official media Xinhua. Its website allows everyone to report “illegal news”. In the latest volume of QuiShi (online version released on 14th Feb 2019), Xi stated how the current legal system in China works and should be used. The subject was “Strengthen the Lead of Party about Rulings

        We did not find the official English version of the article.

        The description that was arguably relevant to recent news about Huawei proposed that:

        China, who walks toward the world, must take advantage of rule-based regulations to bear the responsibility about international affairs as a big state. In any conflict against the foreign forces, we must raise the weapon of laws, occupy the summit of legal systems, and dare to say no to the destroyers and manipulators. At the very moment when the global system is changing, we should involve making the international rules and be the participant, the promoter, and the leader of global system.

        Xi rejected the other legal systems, as he emphasized that

        The third is to insist the rule-based regulation of Chinese socialism. The right roadmap is crucial when promoting the rule-based regulation. We must create our own route from the current status and reality in China. Should never learn the modes and methods of the other countries. Should never follow the western “constitutional system”, “the separation of powers”, or “judicial independence”.

        The “weapon” should be used to fight against both the foreign and domestic enemies. Xi asked the criminal member of Party to take the responsibility:

        Most of the officers in trouble have regretted and said that they did not understand the party disciplines and national laws. Why did so many senior officers in Party become criminals? The fundamental reason is about their unstable goal and faith, as well as the lack of respect about the party disciplines and national laws.

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