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    What is the business model of News Guard, and what is the tradeoff of that model?
    What can we do for people who don’t read online materials?

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    What is your fact-check system and sources?

    Why are there so many posts about your biases?

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    Just an observation, WikiTribune is still in the process of being rated by NewsGuard.

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    Hi, a really interesting read. Just a couple of questions:
    – Is a website’s rating/ assessment based off of a systematic review of a certain number of articles, or is it based on the site as a whole?
    – Approximately how long does it take to asess each site?
    – Is each site’s initial rating/assessment completed by one journalist/editor? If it’s completed by an individual, whats the inter-rater reliabilty of the assessment?
    – How often is a ‘red-label’ changed when assessed by senior editors/ co-CEO’s after initially being flagged as red?
    – Is there a clear process for declaring ‘conflict of interest’ for you staff, such as if they are reviewing an old employer or a site that employees people that they know?
    – Related to one of Mitchell’s questions, how often are sites to be re-evaluated? If there is re-evaluation, is it purely periodically, or are there other triggers (such as change of ownership of the news platform)?
    – Are there plans for any further ratings- such as sites having seperate gradings depending on the topic of the article? eg) A site may be green for science but red for politics, or green for International politics but red for local.

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    More questions:

    1. Do algorithms play any part in NG’s evaluations, and if so, what are those algorithms based on?

    2. Is the evaluation process transparent? Is there someplace where readers can look at your criteria and see how the sites measured against those criteria?

    3. Follow-up to 2: Wouldn’t it be helpful to provide this information so that sites can make improvements?

    4. Can sites appeal to have their rating changed? And if not, why not?

    5. How often are you evaluating sites?

    6. What’s the long-term strategic plan for the company? Evaluate sites today… then what in 5 years?

    7. What other “products” does the company have, and what do they do?

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    Mac Safari users are uninstalling this extension because it requires full access to sensitive data including passwords. Is there a dark side to this story?

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