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    How can one objectively define a word like “struggle?” Someone with a poverty wage and four children in the US would “struggle” to buy food A CEO living in Palo Alto, California with four children would “struggle” to send them all to Stanford. How can we say one or the other use of the term “stuggle” is not valid. It seems to me that this word might just be defined too subjectively. If this is so, one cannot fact-check about it.

    We could come up with a definition of “struggle” that would enable us to fact-check the statement, but would this be a valid thing to do?

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      Perhaps you may not need to send your children to other university, but living in the San Francisco Bay Area it is a real struggle. I’m living that real struggle, and it is not fair to compare one to the other. For one, the word basic, which you did not mentioned in your comment, says a lot about the differences. We literally can’t pay $2,300 for rent when the income is $65,000 a year. That’s $5,000 per month. After deductions of approximate 30% you are left with $3,500. From there you pay the rent, $2,300. You are left with $1,200. From there you deduct medications (co-pays), of approximate $250 (conservative estimate), you are left with $950. From there, since the cost of rent is least expensive on the Eastbay, you need a car. The payment for the car, is about $350/Month. That leaves you with $600. Then, you need to pay for car insurance, approximate $1,200 per year, with monthly payments of $100.00/Month. You are left with $500. Then you need to purchase gas with an average commute of 50 miles per day round-trip, let’s say you spend $105 per month (with an average of 32miles/ Gallon). That leaves you with $395.00. OK. Then Electricity and Gas (PG&E), approximate $150.00/ month. That leaves you with $245. then, comes food for three. The cost of food per week is around $250 (Not too healthy food, but carefully choosing may be), that’s $1,000. per month. So you are left with a negative balance of -$745 per month. This does not includes other expenses and debts.
      Now, the average salary for an engineer (Technical support engineer, Field Service Engineer, etc) in the Bay Area is between $60,000 to $100,000. Check for jobs at,, , Glassdoor, etc, etc.

      If you notice, the income has remained the same since 1996 for this level. Nowyou tell me, are we struggling?

      Definition of “struggle” according to Webster:

      : to proceed with difficulty or with great effort
      Examples: struggled through the high grass.
      struggling to make a living

      Are we struggling to make a living? You bet we are! Thus Ray, get your facts strait, and don’t be foolish about your comparison of one CEO to a struggling middle class (becoming poor class).

      So, yes, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right about the real life of american people. Distribution of wealth has been disproportionate within the last 20 years!

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