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    Hi – Regarding: Note → removed the context, technically even if the graph was in decline, we can’t use strong wording against trump, though the graph speaks for itself and we can write about decline during Obama era.

    I agree that it strong wording against Trump directly is not on form but I did try to state a fact without doing that. This is just the kind of tactic that fuels misinformation and I think it’s important to deal with that head on.

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      you may have a point here, the implication of what trump said is that he was responsible for this accomplishment, I have removed the context part you added, because its wording is very strong against trump, but we can use neutral language such as: “the graph shows a clear decline in unemployment rate which started in 2009” we may need to reach out to some economists to reach to a conclusion that trump can’t take the credit can’t be given to the current president
      At least trump maintained the decline of the rate through his decisions, we should be FAIR here and give him this credit.

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        I don’t mind adding that but maybe someone else wants to try being less strong worded. Just don’t want to be troll-e.

        So long it’s not possible for someone to use this to backup the sentiment that employment as fallen as a result of the change of office I can sleep 😉

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    Hi- Not to suggest this article is bad but it bugs me that the statement is said as true, which it technically is… but that the graph shows that it was in decline from about 2009 (which dare I say it – was when Obama took office) and so saying that it’s true alludes to the conclusion that trump is right to be boastful.

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    The bureau of labor statistics gives data for unemployment rate, I ran an analysis to show the changes since 1969 :

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