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    Use of ‘we’ makes this article read as partisan.

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      I actually thought the whole paragraph was partisan/opinion. Removed it entirely for now!

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    “It’s unclear where the senator derives this $488 billion figure. Glenn Kessler, a Washington Post correspondent, writes that the Bush tax cuts are thought to have totaled $2.8 trillion but that “the true ‘cost’ to the Treasury may never be known.””

    That doesn’t sound solid enough to qualify as a fact in my opinion. Why is Glenn Kessler’s guessitimate meaningful or trustworthy?

    “Estimates show the Trump tax cuts will add $1.5 trillion to the deficit. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is already talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare because of it.”

    ‘Estimates’? What are the sources for these estimates?

    “Scholars Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes write in their piece “The Three Trillion Dollar War” that the figure lies closer to $4 trillion.”

    These two people seem to have a more solid base for acting as sources. But this is a vague and unclear statement. Did the war itself cost this much, or did it cause this much damage in economic reprucussions?

    “Adding in the cost of the Patriot Act and large new bureaucracies such as Homeland Security, this too is likely severely under-estimated.”

    Not enough info here. I don’t know where the $156 billion estimate came from. For all I know this already includes the costs of those new agencies.

    Overall none of the facts in this article feel concrete enough to me to qualify in a fact check article. At the very least better sources would have to be added with direct links to where they’re coming from if possible.

    Edit: I looked at another fact checking article and found part of what I think is missing from this. Where are Bernie’s numbers coming from? It’s unlikely he’s just making them up randomly, if you can include the probably source of Bernie’s claims it would help give context.

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    Few of these claims can be practically verified because the tax cuts have had some impact on the economic output of the country. Plus, Bernie here is trying to talk about the deficit, not the country’s total debt, so the total cost of these programs is irrelevant; it’s the difference in spending and income year over year that matters. And, it should be pointed out here that Bernie’s attributions to Bush and Trump being fully responsible for the deficit are misleading, that perhaps Obama helped increase the deficit as well.

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    American has put a detailed analysis showing a comparison between Obama and Bush’s tax cut.

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      Be careful with the Center for American Progress. They’re a liberal think tank, which doesn’t mean they’re *too* far gone, mind you, but I’m going to corroborate their figures here with other sources just to be safe.

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    Sanders’ tweet was specifically about the contributions to the deficit generated *in 2018* from the policies described, so referencing for example the total cost of the 17-year war in Afghanistan is incorrect.

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      Good point. This article will need to be restructured to pertain to figures from this year.

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