Fact check: Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich's tweets

Robert Reich is the former Secretary of Labor under president Bill Clinton (1993-1997). He is also the Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at University of California, Berkeley.

Here are two recent tweets:

Robert Reich on Twitter

My friends, this is a dark hour. Intolerance, cruelty, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and environmental destruction have been let loose across the land. But, remember, only 27 percent of Americans are Republican, and the vast majority of Americans disapprove of Trump.

Robert Reich on Twitter

To the contrary: That the Deputy AG, a former distinguished U.S. Attorney and lifelong Republican, considered invoking 25th amendment to remove Trump confirms that the President of the U.S. is dangerously unhinged. https://t.co/1vuZYdxbLJ

Claim 1:

His first tweet, from June of 2018, claims 27 percent of Americans are Republicans.

According to a Gallup poll in June, 27 percent of Americans considered themselves Republican and 29 percent considered themselves Democrat, while 43 percent considered themselves independent. However this overlooks those independents who were “leaners”, that is, those who tended to vote Republican yet are not registered Republicans.

According to Gallup,  Republicans combined with Republican leaners comprised 42 percent of the total population, compared to 47 percent for Democrat and Democratic leaners.

We rate this claim True, while misleading.

Claim 2:

“[T]he vast majority of Americans disapprove of Trump”

“Vast majority”, as contrasted with “simple majority”, is used to mean overwhelming majority. According to Longman Dictionary, “vast majority” is used:

“When you want to emphasize that something is true about almost all of a group of people or things.”

According to the poll tracking site, fivethirtyeight, Trump’s disapproval ratings for June 2018 were in the low 50s.

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We rate this claim False.

Claim 3:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “considered invoking 25th amendment to remove Trump”.

Rosenstein denied this (source: Today).

Rod Rosenstein’s Talk Of Invoking 25th Amendment To Remove Trump Was A Joke, Officials Say | TODAY

According to a New York Times report, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed the possibility of recruiting members of Trump’s cabinet to try to remove the president from office. Two Justice Department officials say Rosenstein was joking, while another tells NBC he was serious. Rosenstein denies the report, NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

Two people at the Justice Department said Rosenstein was joking (CNN). Another individual in the room when Rosenstein allegedly made the statement said he was serious (See Today link above).

We rate this claim Undetermined.

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