History for Protests over detention in British migrant centers

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Note → adding missing word
Note → update: hunger strike over
Note → shorten headline for splash
Note → removing "barbed wire surrounded"
Note → Removing, possibly temporarily, picture pending further research
Note → checking summary
Note → removing extra "not her real name"
Note → correcting atrtibution of quote: Detention Action report said system in crisis
Note → removing space
Note → changing date to today's
Note → Publishing
Note → changing link to strike start date
Note → removing extra space
Note → adding date of hunger strike starting
Note → removing repetition of "noting"
Note → READY TO GO but holding for New European timing
Note → removing later description of Serco as it's higher up now
Note → adding in missing word, moving hyperlink
Note → amending so it's clear the company is serco
Note → editing Sergey awaiting asylum case
Note → adding recent Home Office quote
Note → clarifying Elizabeth's current situation
Note → refugee definition
Note → adding link to official inquiry, reconsidered second mention of prisons report – tightened
Note → Back to Lydia for a revision
Note → immigration control
Note → responded to editor's notes, added in clarifications and details
Note → Back to Lydia
Note → confirming Sergey's current situation
Note → added Home Office response: letters
Note → clarifying Serco cannot comment on detention
Note → rephrasingconditions improving
Note → adding date of Elizabeth's detention - 2015
Note → joining sentence
Note → removing anecdote from witness
Note → citing more recent investigations up top, more details further down
Note → holding for editing
Note → splitting up sentence, restructuring following para
Note → report citing "calmer, more respectful and relaxed" atmosphere
Note → Citing 2017 HM report higher up for clarity on most recent report, added missing speech mark
Note → fixing formatting
Note → adding comma for flow
Note → editing picture caption: "200 people"
Note → adding note at end about giving Home Office + Serco chance to respond, added in "since 2015"
Note → "says" not "say"
Note → removing extra word "green"
Note → Hold for next week-PGB
Note → adding number of people coming into Europe and Elizabeth quote
Note → One para needed
Note → detailing purpose of detention
Note → removed gap
Note → moving paragraph, removing block quotes
Note → note about statistics
Note → formatting
Note → standfirst
Note → editing, updates
Note → saving, adding protest details
Note → note to self
Note → adding notes
Note → adding protests in intro
Note → detained voices
Note → captions, images
Note → editing, updating
Note → saving, re-arranging
Note → Tightened copy, added captions
Note → intro tweak
Note → Adding pull-quotes
Note → Introduction adding details of Yarl's Wood surroundings
Note → Restructure
Note → Rehaul to shorten and be more timely
Note → Changing tense and tweaks
Note → Formal name requires British English spelling "centre"
Note → Added UK category
Note → Added sources and references, changed British to American spellings, tags
Note → added hero
Note → final pre-launch review
Note → Style edits
Note → edit 'WikiTribune'
Note → Edited photo captions (licensing)
Note → Added news peg – Brook House inquiry
Note → "or" to "and" in list
Note → Change lay out of photos
Note → Added photos
Note → Present tense "tells" to match rest of article tense
Note → Italics on WikiTribune
Note → Added recent high court detention torture ruling
Note → Small tweak, wording
Note → copy edit. clarifiations. added queries in caps
Note → Clarified statement
Note → Added government statement
Note → Added government quote
Note → Small edits
Note → Small sentence change
Note → Small edit
Note → Intro tweak
Note → Added note on immigration a top political agenda
Note → Intro tweak
Note → Added intro
Note → Added detail on my access to YW
Note → Link to WRW
Note → Paragraph reshuffle
Note → Removed detail about what Vivian was wearing
Note → Setting the scene tweaks
Note → Further edits
Note → second story and copy edit
Note → Formatting
Note → Further reshuffle
Note → Quote mark
Note → Edits based on Charles' advice
Note → Restructuring
Note → big story/copy edit
Note → Sentence phrasing
Note → Writer edits
Note → Mishka quotes

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