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    While trade unions have been crucial in establishing safer and better remunerated working conditions for millions of workers, the movement has moved in a deeply flawed direction. Those in the union movement who have the most leverage have used their power to extract advantages for themselves instead of using that influence to gain advantages for the more vulnerable members of the union movement. There is an “aristocracy of labour” more interested in its own privileges than those least able to speak up for themselves or to demonstrate collectively.

    The British Labour party is talking about diverting company dividends from increase technological productivity towards worker ownership of firms. This is likely to exacerbate the division between the lowest paid and the better paid workers in the economy as a whole.

    The Labour Party should be looking at how increase technological productivity gains can be taxed for the benefit of the whole of the community without creating a disincentive for firms to invest in measure that will improve productivity. In that respect the Labour Party should be giving much more serious consideration to at “national dividend” as Yanis Varoufakis calls the premium earned by productivity that should be applied to a universal basic income that will help society address the job losses that are already occurring from computerisation, automation, AI, blockchain, distributed ledger technology etc

    While fewer working days are desirable, the union movement as a whole should be concentrating on improvement in the conditions of its weakest members.

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    A study done in New Zealand showed that employees were more productive with a four-day work week and were still paid for five days.

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      Thanks Kylie! I have just added that into the article. Please feel free to add more with the edit button

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