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    Every fact check should look at what assumptions need to be true, for the claim to be true.

    A number like 13% is not just pulled out of the air.

    If we look at Slate’s article on the matter:

    > NBC’s Thursday night season opener between Atlanta and Philadelphia drew 19 million viewers, a 13 percent decline from the previous year. While the Framers of the Constitution didn’t explicitly say that it’s the president’s duty to inform the public of network overnights, Trump went ahead and tweeted about it just to be safe.

    > The tweet is noteworthy because Trump, atypically, used an accurate number. Sure, he ignored that kickoff was delayed nearly an hour due to weather and the fact that no players actively protested beforehand, but this marked an improvement over his previous attacks, which often consisted of completely made-up figures.

    *”Trump, atypically, used an accurate number”.*

    Now, how to rate this?

    The easy, unbiased way is to provide assumptions that make it true, and those that make it false. It is up to the reader to make there mind up about which assumptions are more realistic.

    Facts: The facts are true regarding NBC’s Thursday Night season opener.

    Implication: Player’s not standing for Flag and Anthem has affected ratings.

    How could it be misleading?

    – a
    – b
    – c


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    Might try to make the conclusion a little more clear by breaking down the tweet into separate facts. The tweet does seem to be a shortening of the New York Post mention of these details which include two points: viewership is down 8% & it reached its lowest level in a decade. Then show that the President’s number of 13% isn’t true (it’s actually 8%) but the viewership is indeed down to its lowest level in a decade.

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    Should refer to him as “President Trump” – this should also be the standard when referring to President Obama as US presidents retain their titles for life.
    (referring to the title of the post – the rest of the post refers to him as President)

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    A report by LA times explains the drop in NFL viewership rating:

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    This chart shows the decline in viewership rating from 2010 to 2017 :

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    Deleted User

    Looks like Trump confused the rating with the drop %.

    Rating was 13.4 which is about 8.2% lower than 14.6, last year’s opener rating.

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    According to a BBC article, viewership for the first game dropped by 8%. The article also says that stadium attendance for the first game was right at average, actually being slightly higher than the average for 2016 and 2017, however it was just the first game. Also, Nike’s online sales have increased by 31% since announcing a partnership with Colin Kaepernick so it is possible that not all lost viewership has to do with the national anthem controversy.

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