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    There’s something rather odd going on here. The version of the article from 2018-07-26 13:39:57 at mentions “Josh Lindl, a consultant for BCS Consulting”. User Joshua Lindl changed that to “Josh Lindl, a financial services consultant” on 2019-04-11 18:58:33 and then again to an anonymous source at a leading financial services consultancy” today 2019-05-02 07:13:33 with eidt summary “Removed my name from the article”. These are the only two edits by this user.

    I don’t know why Joshua Lindl wants to remove his name from the article, but I think that someone mentioned in an article needs to at least post a comment explaining why they have changed the article to remove their own name from it. Indeed, I’m not sure that someone mentioned in an article should be changing it at all.

    Am I being over-cautious here?

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      No, I would say that directly editing an article in which you are involved qualifies as editing with a conflict of interest. I’ve asked him to come to the talk page to discuss.

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    Perhaps this is a difference in UK and American English, but my 1st reading of “shakedown” followed the definition here Obviously that’s not what you want to imply. I wouldn’t use “Shakedown” in the headline.

    I’m at a total loss on why any bank customer would agree to let 3rd parties log-in to their bank accounts. Why is this non-sensical provision in the directive? You might want to do a person-on-the-street set of interviews and ask say 20 people. 1) are you aware of the directive? and 2) would you agree to let a 3rd party to log into your account? My feeling is that 18 would answer 1) no and 20 would answer 2) no

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      Deleted User

      Thanks Peter, I take your point on the headline, so have tweaked accordingly.

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    Hi Burhan,

    Is this post’s headline correct?



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      Hi. Sorry, glitches in the autosave. Headline rectified now.

      Edited: 2018-07-23 16:49:38 By Burhan Wazir (talk | contribs) + 1 Characters .. + 1% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

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