History for Investigating whether recyclable plastic straws pose allergy risk

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Note → added marriott press release ... need email sent to marriott if possible

**** Latest version ****
Note → comma is necessary here
2018-07-21 18:51:50 ... Alison Wheeler
Note → Can't pluralise "Polylactic acid" - remove references
Note → adding in information from interview
Note → added starbucks response
Note → copyedit
Note → removing first draft commentary
Note → adding more background and first straw ban data
Note → more background
Note → (odd//not sure why that happened - Note to server admins: last edit disappeared when new edit was made directly afterwards. Perhaps server lag issue?)
Note → more concise language
Note → thanks for catching the math mixup... as such, I've added an additional digit to the percentage for closer accuracy
Note → removed duplicated word
Note → changed URL
Note → changed headline
Note → Wrong maths, 0.0002 is fractional, not percentage
Note → further note
Note → better focus - changed title and subtitle
Note → found a much bigger angle on this story to do with Mylan and FARE as well. I also stripped out parts that hold no relevance to the decision by particular companies to use a particular product in their straws... this article is not about the overall risk of straws to the environment... (that only needs a brief mention, as has been done)... this article is about potential health risks to human consumers from corn based plastics. (A question no other outlet has actually even tried to ask.)
Note → Flattened out some verbiage to make it feel less opinionated. Added some questions to be answered to balance the information presented.
Note → another copyedit and further things we should look at into template
Note → copyedit
Note → more data for first part
Note → moving good alternative idea to look into to proper placement in article
Note → there is no such thing as "Corn paper straws" https://www.google.com/search?num=100&client=firefox-b-1-ab&ei=qc5PW9jfCKi3jwTAwKjYBA&q=%22corn+paper+straws%22&oq=%22corn+paper+straws%22&gs_l=psy-ab.3...13126.16008.0.16222. ... (so removing templated area that literally has no factual basis for being in there)
Note → a few more changes to the templated areas for things we need in the article for a full picture
Note → Added Request to look at Hemp.
Note → first pieces of underlying story line (plus a few changes to overall template)
Note → How common are corn straws already? Distinguish from "normal" paper straws?
Note → Add info about the severity of the problem?
Note → Added apostrophe to "Starbucks" for possessive
Note → added the source from the corresponding proposition
Note → trivial wording change (testing new front-end editor)
Note → starbucks to also use sippy cup lids
2018-07-16 03:26:07 ... Chet Long (talk | contribs)
Note → First draft

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