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    Green fintech obviously points to bitcoin and other uses of blockchain, which have been said to consume as much electricity as some countries about the size of Ireland. The consumption numbers have been disputed however – with people saying approximately “we just don’t have the figures to draw conclusions” . Are there any better figures . coming out of the conference? I’m more worried about the set-up of blockchains though: it seems that the incentives to burn electricity are open ended, i.e. “he who burns the most electricity gets the biggest rewards.”

    One way of doing green finance would be to set up mutual funds (or similar) which invest only in green projects. There’s been some research on more general “ethical investment funds”, but I’ve never seen any results that convince me that people are willing to pay extra for these funds (or equivalently accept a lower return on their investment). Is there better new research? Is there anyway to encourage green investments without having people accept lower returns? Tax incentives are sometimes used. Are these tax breaks working? Are they efficient?

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      Good afternoon Peter and thank you for your contribution.
      I will try to find out more at the Summit about some of the questions you raised. Also, I uploaded a short interview I conducted with Manjula Lee, who is the founder and CEO of World Wide Generation. If you want to have a look it is available on sources.

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