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    This story was written with extreme bias. Even the title is disingenuous.
    The large majority of these “asylum seekers” are actually “economic migrants”.
    The reason these people are being arrested is because they are caught attempting to sneak in between the border checkpoints.
    If they were real asylum seekers they know that they can approach any of the border checkpoints or visit any one of the ten US consulate offices in Mexico. They would not be arrested nor would they be separated from their family.
    This would only be the case if the person felt that Mexico was unsafe. Asylum seekers would be someone that’s experiencing there own version of Hitler attempting to kill them. This does not mean that you are an asylum seeker if your bf is beating you, you need to move somewhere in your own country. If a gang wants to kill you, you should work with your government or look at moving at another country close to you.
    These “asylum seekers” have been taught to claim the asylum status if they are caught crossing the border illegally.
    They are playing our system as if we are stupid. Many of the people who Due to the parent breaking the law by attempting to sneak across the border illegally they must be arrested.
    The first time a person is arrested attempting to sneak across the border is not a felony, it’s a misdemeanor.
    The problem with this was that it encouraged more people to attempt to sneak across rather than enter the legal way.
    Hence the 0 tolerance policy.
    Obama had this same problem as it started with the 1997 Flores Consent Decree which states that a child cannot give consent and therefore should not be treated like their parents who broke the law.
    This means that the child cannot be kept in a secure facility. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals also ruled on the 1997 Flores Consent Decree that the child can’t be kept over 20 days.
    The problem with this is that the parent needs to be in a secure facility in order be processed for breaking the law and to be able to give them a court date.
    Obama would allow them to be given an ankle monitor so that they weren’t separated from their children and then release them into the interior of the country until their court date. The issue with this “catch and release” program is that close to 60% of the families would simply cut their ankle monitors and never show up for the court case.
    This was an easy pathway to “illegal” citizenship which ensured a person could live in the country for years regardless if they were caught sneaking across the border or not.
    Trump recently wrote an Executive Order in order to stop people from attempting to claim asylum status only after being caught. Now in order to use the system you’ll be forced to enter thru a check point in order to even use the asylum status.
    The current level of illegal immigration is costing America $135 Billion dollars. Illegal Immigrants are paying $19 Billion in taxes. This leave America with a $116 Billion dollar tab to pay for this broken system.
    This is not sustainable and it grows each year that we don’t fix this problem.
    This is not fair to our own poor who could desperately use $116 Billion dollars. The problem is that this is part of a larger open borders movement that is embraced by Democratic leaders in the hopes that they can find a way to give the illegals voting rights in the future.
    This has been stated openly by many leaders in the movement.
    The problem is that they are selling out our own poor in order to win votes for the future.
    Close to 50% of the illegal immigrants children are not graduating high school. This large amount of low skill labor is leading to a large population of people who are going to compete for jobs with our own American low skilled labor force.
    Many politicians will make the false claim that this does not affect our own poor but we know the cost and I’d dare you to speak with a black mother or father in LA that wants their 16 year old child to get their first job… if they don’t speak Spanish they have virtually no chance of getting a job at the local McDonald’s also there’s preferences in the hiring process to hire their own and avoid “dealing” with a black youth.
    This is a huge travesty to the minority communities in America. It’s always a bad idea to have idle youth as young boys tend to find trouble when there’s nothing productive available. Many of the children coming from South America had gang ties and set up gangs when they land in America.
    This ends up creating more gangs as a way of protection hence the large Black vs Mexican rivalries in these areas.
    The people that are comparing what’s happening at the border to Nazi Germany are using disgusting rhetoric to force their extremist views onto Americans.
    Please stop calling these people asylum seekers when the data clearly shows they are not. Also stop political groups from going to South America and telling them to claim asylum status as a means of pushing their agenda as it’s making it much more difficult for real asylum seekers who need help.

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