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    I completely agree with Professor Ryan. For the masses blockchain is being sold as some infallible silver bullet to the world’s security ills that they so desperately want. The snake oil salesmen need to be stopped.

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      Hi Eric. Do you think you would be able to find any people/organizations expressing that opinion and add it to this article? If you do, please link any points you paraphrase or quotes you insert so that we know where it came from! Thanks

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    Obviously this story is just a start, but I’d love to know why Professor Ryan says that. I agree with him, by the way, but in the spirit of “show don’t tell” I personally don’t think “an expert thinks X” is where we want to be – we want the expert to explain why.

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      Yeah so these are just the take out comments from the larger piece. However, I will email these guys and ask them to explain their position in more detail so we can hopefully add the ‘why.’

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    A blockchain is a secure way to record a vote. It does nothing to prove that the vote was made by the person who is claimed to be the source of the vote. It does not prove that the vote was not coerced or produced as a result of other unethical practices. The one issue that using a blockchain avoids is the possibility that the record of the vote will be altered.

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      I’m just thinking this through, with an eye towards explaining things in the story – a blockchain certainly is a secure way to record a vote, but is it the only way? Or even a desirable way? There are several desired features of a voting system, considered end-to-end, and one of them is that after the vote, no one can tell how I voted. I’m imagining a public-key system for providing this – I make a vote (say, “yes” or “no”) and then I encrypt that vote, and then I sign that vote. So anyone can see that I signed it, thus proving that I voted. But no one can see my vote. But this doesn’t account for another important feature of voting – the counting. Any story about blockchain and voting really needs to take the reader step-by-step through how it would work, in an “explain like I’m 5” manner! I hope we can accomplish this here!

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