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    The most striking issue about this is the lack of interest in the so called and much maligned main stream media. Is it because it will help them and impede us, the small guy in the corner shop? You bet it is. The actual face of the EU bureaucrats are on display here. Who they are beholden to, who they get their money from. Everyone, aside of the top German publishers are against this. I doubt it will actually be followed even if it is passed in this form. Most of the Eastern bloc countries will ignore it because of their growing hatred of EU big brother, the southern European countries will be too chaotic to implement it, it is only going to the British and German people who will suffer under this. It is essentially a German driven legislation powered and paid for by the likes of Axel Springer and their ilk. Where is our lord and master Max Schrems, who cares so much about privacy that he is going after Facebook and Google? Doesnt he care that the EU is basically mandating companies to vet every single upload people do online? This reeks of dirty money, one thing is for sure, the more the EU gets greedy and brazen, the faster they will go out of existence. It is arrogance which comes before a fall.

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      Very interesting points Arjun. And you’re right, it’s not reported as much in mainstream media.

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      Lots of the suggested reading there has been poured over in the office this week – highly suggest people check it out! (+1 to Kat)

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