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    I wonder how they would propose to produce MDMA?

    The precursor safrole used to make MDMA is extracted from the Cinnamomum parthenoxylon tree, which is now under threat due to over-harvesting, and illegal harvesting. Although most of it is used for legal purposes.

    Hopefully, they would use some sustainable method.

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      I had no idea, that’s really interesting. Scaling production to meet demand – provided the FDA approves the treatment – might be tricky at first due to the scheduled nature of the compound, and the difficulties this presents. Interesting question to consider though.

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        of course from a legal standpoint, only the FDA and other agencies can de-schedule MDMA if approved for medical use (and other psychedelics, in case), along with setting rules for production (or produce it directly) to meet demand — and it’s likely they will work in the lab, as Sasha Shulgin did……for its Phase 3 clinical trials, MAPS purchased one kilogram of MDMA manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (

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    EMDR is often overlooked as a first line treatment. I have first hand experience with this working quickly and effectively and second hand experience with effective EMDR treatment of close relatives — one adult and three children.

    I suspect but have no proof that EMDR is not commonly utilized because it only requires at most a few visits with a therapist. It uses no medications and is perhaps too cost effective.

    Before we start prescribing mind-altering drugs, I suggest that we first try EMDR which was first used effectively with Viet Nam War veterans.

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      Hey Robert, thanks for your comment. I’m not very familiar with EMDR but a quick search suggests that although a common form of treatment for PTSD, its effectiveness is still debated. However, that seems to be the case for most available forms of treatment for PTSD. Source:

      The way MDMA-assisted therapy may end up working, as I understand it, is under a trained therapist’s supervision in a clinical/psychotherapy setting. MDMA is used as a catalyst to make patients with treatment-resistant PTSD more open to talk about their experiences and reprocess those traumatic memories. I don’t think researchers have decided on the exact dosage yet. The potential treatment as they’ve been explored in clinical trials so far is spread over (roughly) three months, with MDMA being administered three times in total and each session being roughly a month apart. It would be complemented with talking “integration” therapy sessions where the therapist helps the patient make sense of their experience. For a more in-depth explanation, you should definitely read the results from the Phase 2 trials done by MAPS. Source:

      Hope this helps!

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