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    Is there anything to be looked into on Ukraine’s rather odd explanation for this? It isn’t normal practice to stage anyone’s death to find would-be assassins… normal practice is to simply give out deceptive locations of the person’s whereabouts. If agents believe the asset is dead, they simply disengage… not further engage. (This is coming from someone with experience in geo-political/military matters.)

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      Very interesting points Chet,

      It’s certainly not “normal practice.” To your knowledge, what are the other examples of this? This is one other similar case:

      The further details of this operation are still emerging – it’s been reported in several places that the hitman co-operated with security service. So we’re definitely keeping a close eye on it and, as always, feel free to jump in and add to this story.


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        Three things off the top of my head:

        1. “It was then that French authorities staged Tanase’s abduction.” – Even in the story you link to above, they only staged an abduction, not the actually planned assassination attempt. That *is* common practice for getting someone into hiding… and faked killings are also done in such a manner. But, faking an assassination to capture assassins? That almost is a literal paradox, unless it was an assassins competition (which, yes is as ridiculous of an idea as it sounds [outside of action movies]).

        2. According to certain reports his wife knew nothing about it, and was essentially traumatized by his death, even in the very story you linked to there: “It was another parallel to the Ukraine case, as Babchenko’s wife had no inkling that the death of her husband had been faked — something for which he apologized when he re-emerged.” – Yet, according to this NYT story ( a slight twist in even that claim appears: “Security officials thanked Mr. Babchenko and his family for participating in the operation, without specifying which family members knew about it. Mr. Babchenko later avoided a question about what his wife had known.” – But then… worse this BBC interview entirely shows all of the claims about his wife were untrue: (translated from Russian): “Babchenko confirmed the information that his wife was aware of the operation, as previously told by his friend. ‘My wife, of course, knew, because everything was done in our house before her eyes,’ he said.” (

        3. While Russia is a high producer of propaganda, as essentially everyone in geopolitics knows, Ukraine has been known to be a large producer of propaganda (as this paper states: “On the other side, rumours about actions of Yanukovych and his allies or the Russians could be found in the Ukrainian media, often presented as facts while after checking, they appeared to be really just rumours (Walker, 2014).” ( and fake information about military ops, attacks, threats, etc., is practically standard. So it’s worth, considering these odd circumstances, I think to perhaps also consider this may very well be a story intended to stoke fear about Russia in Ukraine.

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