Fact checking: Claims WikiTribune should verify

This WikiProject is dedicated to listing claims that could be fact checked by WikiTribune. This is an experimental process.

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Possible claims for fact checking:

U.S. midterm elections

Add suggestions here or in TALK for empirical claims made by candidates in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections:

Other suggestions

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Previous fact checks:

WikiTribune’s fact checking guidelines – taken from this page

Choosing claims

  • Choose empirically provable claims. If it’s not empirically provable, it isn’t fact-checking. To illustrate, we can check number of women in the U.S. Congress or the location of the school in Florida where the mass shooting took place, or if someone said a particular statement in a recorded and published speech, by contrast, we can’t check what the same person implied by his or her statement.
  • Focus more on claims which have received attention such as viral news stories and tweets.

Laying out the page

  • Cite the claim properly, always link to the source of the claim.
  • When fact-checking quotes, or when attributing a claim to a person, always quote the person verbatim, in addition to having a link to the source of the claim.

Correction of errors

  • WikiTribune is a wiki, meaning that mistakes will be made, but they can also be undone/fixed!
  • If you see a mistake, first consider fixing it yourself.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable fixing it yourself, let others know on the TALK page.

Role of community and editors

  • Community is at the heart of WT fact-checking. This is a collaborative effort by the group.
  • If there is a dispute, remember to seek consensus on the TALK page before making big changes
  • Trusted users and staff administrators may at times be called upon to judge the veracity of a claim, or to judge community consensus. (This is similar to the role of administrators in Wikipedia RfCs.)

Time spent on each fact checking report

  • The current goal is to spend 10-14 days on each fact-checking report, marked clearly at the top of the page.

This is an evolving document

  • As a wiki, nothing is ever done! This is the first draft of the fact-checking guidelines, but please, be bold, if you see something wrong, change something!

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