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    Nation states do have concerns regarding the use of modern internet communications of speech and data in businesses that employ the internet for various revenue streams, such as advertising. If companies like FB and their quest for seamless profit methods cause collateral damage to nation states or individuals their methods should be checked.
    If huge internet corporations e.g. FB or Google allegedly produce disruption or collateral damages to nations and individuals why this situation comes about is not necessarily only corporate intentions but could be attributed to internet infrastructure while other malfeasance examples are discovered over time. The rush to regulate whether this parliament committee is a study or enforcement can be a slippery slope for nation states to enhance government revenue through taxes and fines for out of state huge corporations that might be able to pay and seem ripe for regulation without understanding the core world wide web underlying causes for perceived damages allegedly by internet corporations.
    Remember over a decade ago MS corp was taken to task for forced bundling of browser and OS software, whereas today, we have OS’s and browsers combined as routine, as in Chrome-OS.
    Reacting to perceived public issues can many times equate to the old adage, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.
    Worldwide nations have overregulated communications environments depending on public viewpoints. Countries that use authoritative regulations such as Turkey or the great firewall of China among other wishful thinking nations use regulations to change/control the nature of in-state communications for short term political reasons.
    Another facet of this societal collateral damage is the intelligence and sophistication of the users themselves or how people/users understand what is admittedly newer communication technologies. Internet companies present applications for users as part of their business models, how people use this new functionality can be the source of much of the damages being sighted onto the public body, true big tech companies might have more resources to enhance products and to alleviate some bad actors, but this doesn’t excuse the same business models of almost every other slightly smaller tech company wannabees from employing the same potentially dangerous revenue stream techniques/methods while turning a blind eye to holes in their respective technologies overriding on the internet transport layers. I.E. the perceived problems are not always uniquely the behavior of huge tech companies, but those problems are possibly easier to notice when examining the big business concerns on the web, dig deeper before pointing fingers. (Even if those accused seem to be experiencing temporary amnesia regarding their own business plans, like *any* other corporate executives)

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