Talk for Article "A scapegoat for London’s knife crime? Giving drill music a fair hearing"

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    Fascinating, fascinating article, thank you for covering it!

    There’s lots of ways to approach drill music and its popularity. It’s popularity ‘mainly with working-class teens, though it’s also gained an audience among middle-class kids’ is a really interesting idea for me. Reaching the middle classes is a key marker in the growth of drill music. Grime music reached a sort of “ceiling of viability” in that, artists were putting out music against a storm of piracy and weren’t being supported by the industry gatekeepers in TV and Radio. Their target market, working class youth, simply didn’t have the disposable income to turn out to shows and buy music in the same way ‘middle class’ listeners would. Drill music definitely has flourished as a result of YouTube and the proliferation of cheap high quality audio-visual equipment.

    Streaming has helped somewhat in allowing musicians to monetise their core audience but it’s still the middle classes with their hard cash that the musicians are chasing to get out their ‘impoverished pockets’.
    There’s something in that a lot of these artists are simply just narrating their lives but there’s also the idea that some of these guys involve themselves in these circles in order to be in YouTube videos at earn money by doing shows. It’s a little bit chicken and egg.

    Anecdotally, I do blame consistent government cuts. Youth clubs have disappeared, budget for education seems to be shrinking constantly. Pupil Referral Units, where kids who are deemed too difficult for mainstream schools to manage are given specialist attention, are losing funding. If you can’t send a troubled child to a PRU then where do they go? All of this is having an effect and, although I loathe to make predictions, this summer London will probably see a spike of violence comparable to the London riots of 2011.

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      Thank you so much Thibagaran! I’m happy you like it. Youth clubs disappearing I think is more serious than cuts to the police, since they’re the ones working closely with these impoverished communities. Also, I think you’re right in your prediction that it will get worse in the summer since everyone is out, unfortunately.

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