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    renate leite


    I have been asking myself the same questions about privacy in these apps. There are several at the moment, so it would be quite easy to end up with one that will sell or misuse your data. The one I have ended up with, and that I trust, is Fertilityfriend. Reason for this is that they are very clear on privacy and data sharing.

    This from their own privacy statement:
    “No data brokers or other type of data trade (referrals, etc). Fertility Friend does not consider your data for sale or trade in any way. Your data is not a currency at Fertility Friend.

    Clear funding: Fertility Friend is totally funded by its premium features membership. This means independence and impartiality. You are Fertility Friend’s customer and our loyalty is to YOU. If you do not know how a “totally free” App/Service is funded, or if you know it is funded with ads, referrals, or your data, you are likely the product that is sold, not the customer.

    Health Data: Your health data is like a finger print. Even if “anonymized” it has the potential to identify you when cross referenced with other data. We do not engage in any data trade or referral for this reason.

    Privacy is our focus. We are fully aware of the sensitive nature of your data. We have privacy-aware procedures and a clear and ethical business model.”

    I am a premium user, and I find this app very useful. Reasons for this I can share private.

    This app contains far more than just tracking your period. You can track medication, health issues and whatever you can think about to plot in, for the right people, this is very useful data.

    I have tried other apps, but because I don’t trust them completely, I don’t put in all the data that can be useful.

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      Thank you for you comment Renate. I’d be interested to hear more about your views using the app. What sort of data does it ask for? And do you pay for it?

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        Sorry just saw you said you are a premium user. Yes let’s talk privately. You can email me [email protected]. Looking forward to speaking.

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          Dear Renate,

          The piece is now published over here on this link:

          Thanks ever so much for your correspondence and for sharing your experiences. I hope to collaborate again in the near future.

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