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    _Weapons of Math Destruction_ has a great exploration of microtargeting and news, as well as some interesting stats.

    One of the biggest challenges around this is “opacity”. When we get microtargeted social media, we can’t debate its merits, because we can’t see what other people are seeing. A huge challenge here is even defining what is “political” because these actors can get around the strict-political definition by targeting emotional social topics that are _related_ to politics, and have a similar effect. Targeting “political” ads may not be enough, and the whole system may need to be examined.

    From the book:

    * “In other words, Facebook’s algorithms can affect how millions of people feel, and those people won’t know that it’s happening. What would occur if they played with people’s emotions on Election Day?” p 184 (62% of folks didn’t realize that Facebook tinkers with news feed)
    * “Those results [from a Google-style test], they said, shifted voting preferences by 20 percent.” p. 184 (73% think search results impartial)
    * “each [message] allows candidates to quietly sell multiple versions of themselves—and it’s anyone’s guess which version will show up for work after inauguration.” p. 188

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      Hi Todd,

      Are there any defined solutions of how to reform micro targeting? I’d be interested in learning about alternative models.


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    The headline “meddling” doesn’t strike me as the most neutral possible headline.

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      I agree. We’ll see how long my change lasts.

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