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    Lydia, I would love to see more about the actual proposals of the M5S. I hear a lot about euro-skeptcism and the anti-vacination conspiracy of its former leader, which can turn a lot of people of and tab them as Brexit/Trump types, but looking at their party programme ( I got a very different impression. Granted my Italian is poor and I don’t know enough about how much they seem to stick with the plan, but it would help a to have a broader view. Also, I thought I read them say they would not form a coalition, but I may have misunderstood. Has that changed?

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    The article is misleading. The party which obtained most votes is the M5S, followed by the league, which could rule through a centre-right coalition only. The League and Fratelli d’Italia are the two far-right parties being part of this mentioned coalition. The article is unclear about who is populist and who is the far right. Populist is a word which means not much if not contextualised, and explained to the reader. Election results are not definitive yet but forecasted by poll projections. M5s alone could have 228 deputies and 113 senators, on the other side the center-right coalition may gain 267 deputies (124 League, 104 Forward Italia (FI), 33 Fratelli d’Italia, 6 Noi con l’Italia) and 136 Senator. If this stays, the president of the Republic, Mattarella, could ask Salvini, League leader, to try to form a govern. But no parties have the majority of the seats for governing. This confusion is happening because of the last electoral law made for favoring the coalitions.The situation is uncertain and really complicated to describe at this present moment.

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      Hey Andrea, I’m going to go in to the article now and make edits based on your feedback. Thank you.

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        Hy Lydia, that’s great, I’ll be online all the day and will try to contribute as much as possible on this story. Thanks.

        Best regards, Andrea

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