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    For History’s sake I’d elaborate on the fact that Trump was correct about the polls being “Fake News”.
    He was also right about a large amount of topics as history has played it’s course.
    1. The FBI “wiretapping” him… the media called him crazy for it and he was proved to be correct.
    2. The Media said he was losing his mind so he took a test… they laughed at the test because they thought it would be easy then they were stumped when they tried to take it. #StableGenius
    3. Hillary will go to jail for her long list of crimes. (If you read this in 2019 I’m sure you’ll agree)
    4. The FBI changed Dir. Comey’s statement to help Hillary avoid jail time.
    5. He said he didn’t work with Russia. That’s been proved to be true as well as we’ve seen the Russian Facebook ads (NYT), We know that Hillary’s emails weren’t hacked but were leaked by a disgruntled DNC staffer, and we know that the Russians started buying political ads before Trump even announced that he was running for office, we know even know how much was spent in all Russians spent $46k on Facebook ads before the election, of that $6k supported Trump the rest supported the other candidates, we even know that Dir. Clapper, Dir. Comey, CNN, WaPo, and others have all admitted that there was never any evidence to begin the investigation and we even have seen the evidence used for the FISA warrant which is universally known to be a garbage document where the only things that were true were the obvious things like the fact that Prague is in Russia or that Page was giving a speech in Russia which was publicly known…. the rest has been said to be unverified from everyone from the author to the FBI who said they tried to verify the document but weren’t able to… Now even Buzzfeed is forced to sue the DNC in order to remain some shred of credibility.
    So yes, I think it’s important that we call it as history sees it.

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      Thanks Mike, please feel free to add your points to the story, with hyperlinks to good sources, in the usual style.

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    I would elaborate on the Fake News’ story and Trump. More info here: and redirect readers to the video showing Trump saying “You are Fake News!”

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      Thanks Angelique. I think it’s a great topic. Hoping community will take it up.

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    Thanks Lorenzo, link definitely a good idea!

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