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    Hi Charlie,

    I guess you will see the news when you wake up.

    It would be an understatement to say that I’m disappointed. I thought he would delay the release but not block it all together.

    This raises more questions about the use/misuse of surveillance intelligence in government than it answers.

    I understand the requirement for national security but using it to prevent public discourse is not what it’s meant for.

    I’m busy today but will try to come back to this later in the evening.

    The most frustrating thing is, it’s difficult to comment when you can only see half of the argument.

    I’m hoping this is just more delay tactics, perhaps it will come back with appropriate redactions? Perhaps someone will read it out on the House floor? Who knows?


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    Hi Charlie,

    Please excuse me for asking something that WT might have published in a FAQ somewhere as I haven’t them read yet (sorry)!

    I’m trying to establish in my mind the difference between a WikiProject and a story. To me, when I come to the site, I see stories and projects (which I assume are different) but from here they look exactly the same. In my mind, a project explores an issue and is an opportunity to gather research and input from sources and the community which can then be used for any number of stories. I don’t know if that is the case or whether it’s that a project is the beginnings of a story that develops over time?

    My problem is; if the facts about an issue are fluid (as in the memo case) and are likely to inform opinions as they become apparent, how do you strike a balance between reporting what we know now against gathering and publishing relevant and related information through research and interviews which may not be related to the current story that is developing?

    To give you an example. I’m looking at the history of the FISC and FISA legislation which I think is relevant to the project but the meat of it probably isn’t that relevant to stories that may reference it. Whilst the history of FISA is a good reference, recent changes to the government and NSA procedures that operate under it are, however, relevant to the currently unfolding situation.

    I’ve only edited one story which I found interesting so I think I’ll get to grips with that but with a project, I’m sort of stuck as to where the line is on what should be published without context here or with context elsewhere in another story.

    As this is all new to me, I don’t want to start editing the project in a manner that is not appropriate. So for now, I’ll add stuff to the chat and follow your lead as to how and what ends up in the READ section.

    Also, please excuse my ignorance if I make a stupid mistake, just tell me where I went wrong and point me in the direction of a FAQ or how-to that will educate me 🙂


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      Hi Richard,

      You’re correct about the differences of projects and stories. I created this WikiProject to see if other WT users had any thoughts about reporting on government surveillance. I’d like this WikiProject to stick around for a while, which will mean changing the language so it remains relevant.

      Ideally, I’d like you to author a story on this issue. Or at the very least start one. If you don’t want to write a whole story, you could start what we call a “news stub.” These are barebones beginnings of a story. From there, other people add onto what you’ve started.

      Here’s an example of one for the Amazon Go stores:

      Take as much ownership over this as you’re comfortable with. I can help where needed.

      Just to keep you up to date of what I’m doing:

      After you’re suggestions and edits to the Nunes memo story, I’ve begun to investigate the future of the House Intelligence Committee.

      I’m beginning to contact academics who study FISA, including Pete Hutchinson, per your request. Please tell me any questions you want me to ask these folks. You can even join in the call if you’d like.

      Your contributions to the Nunes memo story were truly valuable. Please do not hesitate to share your insights going forward. It’s better to share than not to.


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        Thank you Charlie,

        I’ll jump in where I can (time permitting).

        I’ll also think about creating a story myself and will let you know if I go ahead and dip my toe in the water. I’m not a journalist so I’m wary of doing that just yet as I want to become more familiar with the do’s and don’ts before I go ahead.


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