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    The Umbrella Revolution was launched in 2014, but the leader Law was sentenced in 2017 after he was unseated. The long period sounds unusual to me. Should we investigate deeper and add the details?

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      Hi Tzu-Hao, I believe one of the reasons for the long period and then sudden arrest was because China’s 19th congress party was happening in 2017, so president Xi was clamping down on any activities of dissent that may stop him from consolidating power. That for me is one of the most salient reasons. What do you think? Would love to hear more of your thoughts. Thanks.

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        I just realized that Law’s judgement was made twice. According to the latest verdict, Law was firstly sentenced in 2016 to 120 hours of community service order. After the 120 hours was done, Law’s penalty was changed to 8 months prison in 2017.
        I am not so sure if it is common and how directly it is related to Xi. Studying the judgment system in Hong Kong may be required, but it is kind of costly to me.
        (The verdict

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          Correct, both Nathan Law and Joshua Wong were initially sentenced to community service, but HK’s government, unusually, deemed it too lenient and sentenced them to jail in 2017, which means that both Law and Wong are disqualified from running for seats in the Legislative Council for five years. Many criticised the move, claiming that it was to deter future protests and prevent them from going into politics.

          It’s not a common move, that’s why it was so contentious. The connection to Xi is that the new decision purportedly shows the erosion of Hong Kong’s semi-autonomy under a Chinese president who has more power than Mao Zedong. Many claimed that China had some influence in the decision being made.

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