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    In Wisconsin, the current governor’s slogan is ” Wisconsin is open for business ” when elected what this slogan meant was the bleeding of a century of advances through the government aided partnership with Wisconsin’s economy from education, agriculture, tourism and all public infrastructure maintenance including an original civil service system. What ‘Open for Business’ means in Wisconsin is the gutting of government guided economic progress using no-bid state contracts to political supporters of the current Government administration also known as political corruption and kickbacks, further gutting various state departmental areas that assist or regulate, education, pollution, agriculture, mining interests, tourism and as mentioning previously the installation of crony department heads to make government as dysfunctional as possible. Then tell the electorate, as former president Ronald Reagan did, that government is the problem. All the while bleed government of it’s regulatory and assistance functions for the electorate and balance a state budget with false accounting using the cuts as future state revenue. The most blatant example of administrative corruption in government is the pursuit of the Foxconn factory deal, the investment of billions for a return which no logical economic math can justify. There is a story here and it’s directly related the governor’s favorite campaign slogan of ” Wisconsin is open for business “. Safe to imply that POTUS’s slogan of ” America is open for business ” is a statement to bleed government usefulness for corruption purposes, with the added lie/line that ” regulation is stealth taxation “. In a runaway capitalist economy, it’s not simply a matter of economic growth, it’s more a matter of sucking up any available wealth even tax revenue meant for the electorate. Wisconsin is near last in recovery from the 2008 recession, a big part of the reason is the robbing of the electorate their return on tax revenue investments for the enrichment of the few.

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