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    Change headline: ” Worldwide fake leadership awards “.

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    On January 1, 2017 CNN had “Major Breaking News” and they went on to start the discussion about the Russian dossier. The information was presented in a very artful way that leads the audience down an intended path. It’s not Fake News, because they never explained the details, it’s Twisted News. They created the illusion that something is real when they didn’t have all the facts. Only the target of the reporting knows if it is fake or not. We are only the audience of the news, at the mercy of the reporter and the editor. If they intend to lead us down a certain path, we will never know if that certain reporting is Fake or Real. Lawyers often say that proving intent, in a courtroom, is very difficult. Therefore, how can a regular consumer of news prove that a news agency intended to mislead us with their so called Fake News. Maybe it’s all just Twisted News.

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      It was on January 10th not the 1st

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      Interesting, thank you. I think it is always difficult too to be right 100 percent of the time in a fast-moving news cycle which is why the honesty about correcting is vital. A key issue to me which gets lost in the reporting of the dossier is the concern that the intelligence agencies had about it long before it broke — not that they were endorsing it but that they were worried Russia believed it had an angle.

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    Regarding the report that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda refused to shake Trump’s hand, I would like to point out that in some European countries, it is customary to shake the woman’s hand first when greeting a couple. So if Kornhauser-Duda made the initial handshake gesture, she would bypass the President and aim for his wife. Here in Germany, I have been left standing awkwardly with outstretched hand a number of times (until I learned and remembered) as my intended handshake recipient took my wife’s hand first. Without seeing more of the video, it is hard to say whether theTrump incident was a slight or not.

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      That’s a good point. There’s a lot of ways to interpret the handshake in the video, which makes it interesting that Trump’s team clearly found Newsweek’s coverage so offensive as to put it on this list. The video seems ambiguous to me – I imagine people see it the way they want to see it.

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    Nice job! The information was presented with both sides covered. WikiTribune stayed in the middle…I like it.

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      Thanks. What would yours be?

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