History for Davos: America is open for business Trump tells global elite

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Note → Final Friday update - I hope

**** Latest version ****
Note → Updated with new crossheads
Note → Added image
Note → New picture
Note → Tighter
Note → Updated
Note → Dateline 2
Note → Dateline fixed
Note → Headline fix
Note → Updated
Note → updated
Note → Updated again
Note → Revised headline
Note → Highlights
Note → Highlights edited
Note → Updated with minor changes
Note → Minor formatting
Note → My version
Note → Updated with more Stiglitz
Note → Stiglitz update
Note → Adding Stiglitz
Note → Publishing with updated links and come on
Note → Final reaction added
Note → Adding reaction
Note → Added highlight
Note → 2nd reaction added
Note → Adds early reaction
Note → Highlights
Note → highlights
Note → Updated.
Note → Adding links
Note → New picture to lead with
Note → Updated with 4 things
Note → Updated write through
Note → saw to saying
Note → Update provisional write-through
Note → Closing bullets
Note → More bullets
Note → trade bulletin
Note → Cuts add
Note → tax bulletin
Note → Hghlights
Note → Bullets
Note → New standfirst
Note → bullet 3
Note → Headline
Note → bullet 2
Note → Bullets
Note → Updated ahead of Trump
Note → Updated
Note → Updating with four takeaways
Note → Updated
Note → Added times and links
Note → Fix font size
Note → Fix font size
Note → Updated
Note → Published with come-on
Note → Adding links and Cohn quote
Note → Publishing with new picture
Note → Publishing to update
Note → Editing + fix small font size
Note → updated with palestinan comments
Note → The text says that the link MAY require a paid subscription to the FT, instead of DOES
Note → Adding Soros and formatting
Note → grammar (extra word)
Note → Updating with May and more Trump
Note → addition
Note → double spaces
Note → Updated headline
Note → Adopting my edts
Note → Publishing with pictures and links
Note → UK spellings & tweaks
Note → Adding headline
Note → Sending to PENDING for PUBLISH
Note → Tightened
Note → Adding Macron 'joke'
Note → Adding tags
Note → Published with relevant Macron additons
Note → Small tweaks to format
Note → Updated list of reads
Note → Adding best of links
Note → Revised summary
Note → Publishing to add Merkel
Note → fixed typo in photo caption
Note → Adding picture
Note → Updating tags
Note → Updating with Wilbur Ross and Mnuchin
Note → shortened headline
Note → tweak, style
Note → Updated thumbnail
Note → Updating and launching for Wednesday
Note → Updating
Note → Quick small fixes
Note → Shifting to Modi and Trudeau
Note → Moving list of other coverage
Note → Updating summary
Note → Updating pictures and changing thumbnail
Note → Adding Modi and Blanchett pictures
Note → Updated with Modi quote and more links
Note → Fixing typos
Note → Adding Fang Xinghai
Note → Amended headline
Note → Adding David Rubenstein on Trump
Note → Publish update
Note → Deleted a couple of redundant words.
Note → Adding WikiProject
Note → replaced hyphen with dash
Note → fixed half dash
Note → fixed typo - shd be "rise of populism", not "rise on populism"
Note → fixed half dash
Note → fixed type - shd be "strengthening", not "strengthen"
Note → added dash
Note → typo: our -> out
Note → Updating with a little more from IMF
Note → Added detail of IMF report
Note → Adds IMF
Note → Changed Snipper to sniper in the image caption, which is what I think is meant
Note → Categories
Note → Updated with new image
Note → Bale version going
Note → Perhaps better Grammer detail.
Note → typo and commas
Note → Going to pending for Charles to look at
Note → Trying to fix problem which breaks mobile carriage return
Note → Reducing pictures to see if that is format problem
Note → Trying to fix formatting
Note → Basic clean up
Note → Sending to Burhan or Chuck for a look

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