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    The reporting on this story is an example of whats wrong with the news media and what I’d hope Wikitribune would avoid. Here’s what I mean–A senator at the meeting accused Trump of inappropriate language, which Trump and others at the meeting later denied. There’s no transcript. There’s no audio.

    So what kind of journalistic integrity is behind phrases like, “a source briefed on the conversation”? They weren’t present at the meeting, so not a witness, and with no statement of who they are, their position, and who briefed them. Its the same kind of nonsense sourcing that lets Time magazine run an article falsely claiming Trump removing a bust of MLK because the reporter didn’t recall seeing it, though did nothing beyond texting a friend to confirm the report.

    This isn’t about defending/attacking Trump. Its about standards of journalism that should transcend the current political moment.

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      Agreed. We will be addressing the MLK bust thing in an item later today on Donald Trump and the media. It’s also notable of course that the White House is quite capable of using confidential briefings to communicate its own version of what might or might not have been said. On a more serious level if there isn’t a transcript or recording available it is necessary to try to track down the best version of what was said and in this case it looks like many people decided to deliberately try to obfuscate but there was no doubt of the tone – be the actual words, shithole or shithouse. Here’s how we updated the other piece and see if it makes it clearer while hopefully also understanding how abnormal a conversation like this is:

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        Thanks for taking these concerns seriously, Peter.

        I’m guessing this is the MLK bust article:

        A great example of reporting without editorializing. I hope to see more like this from WikiTribune and that it will restore trust and civility in the discourse surrounding current events.

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    Great coverage, this story is very important for Trump’s future

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