History for Timeline 2018: Tracking bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies

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Note → Added time qualifier.

**** Latest version ****
Note → added blockchain online voting
Action →
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Note → venezuela update
Note → Added latest on Peetro
Note → World Bank blockchain bond update
Note → Bakkt update
Note → update with Malta's stock exchange
Note → updated bold date and Indian RBI and IBM center entry
Note → accepted pending edits
Note → eg. changed date to bold.
Note → Added a point about India's banks and their relationship with cryptocurrency exchanges.
Note → Added news re new university initiative with Columbia University
Note → highlights fix
Note → KashMiner update
Note → updated with kodak kashminer
Note → updated with DOJ investigation
Note → added DOJ investigation
Note → editing
Note → corrected a double space
Note → May 12 - Manna currency update
Note → Tweaking language
Note → timeline
Note → quotation marks
Note → added German coalition agreement blockchain policy
Note → link to BTC-USD interactive chart
Note → lower-case bitcoin
Note → John Pfeffer update
Note → update timeline
Note → updated with CA and chickens
Note → updated story
Note → accepted edits to academic crypto
Note → Economists promote low-volatility reserve-backed cryptocurrency
Note → Plans for an"academic" cryptocurrency from leading economists.
Note → this version
Note → March 21 and 26 added
Note → added google and Twitter
Note → updated with US sanctions and approved edits
Note → added Sweden e-krona project
Note → Google advert ban update
Note → added google banning ads
Note → approved edits.
Note → SOV: "coindesk" as source.
Note → added SOV (Marshall Islands)
Note → update and new date format
Note → added Lloyds banning bitcoin
Note → addition
Note → Missing a million...
Note → Adding Davos IMF remark
Note → bitconnect added
Note → definition added
Note → South Korea update
Note → removed extra highlight
Note → Updated with Linh and Pedro
Note → removed questions
Note → thumbnail
Note → added category
Note → drafting
2018-01-08 11:37:07 ... Linh Nguyen (talk | contribs)
Note → update

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