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    I think distributed ledgers a.k.a. blockchain are the future, but the technology is in its infancy. The tangle concept makes sense, but so does DFINITY. I’m not a crypto guy so a lot of the jargon is over my head. I hope someone can boil up the technology and math on the DFINITY website ( to plain English for dummies.

    If I understand correctly, DFINITY’s proposal is a standardized means to tie together a giant peer-to-peer network into a low-cost, decentralized virtual cloud service. If this takes off it has the capacity to completely upend every company that’s decided to invest heavily in providing compute and storage service infrastructure (Amazon, Microsoft, Google + lots of smaller players).

    Any software company which relies on cloud compute could have good reason to bail on individual providers for this more “open” solution. This would almost certainly be cheaper, and, if it works as advertised, more secure. All data in the system would be highly sharded and hackers would have to work much harder to piece together what they’re able to retrieve.

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    Very good article, still in developing stages regarding detailed information about this new cryptocurrency system, but interesting none the less

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      Thank you!

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    Maybe this is just me, but I find this title “click-baity” and uninformative. Maybe change to something more indicative of the article’s content (for example mentioning the company’s name or what kind of issues and solutions will be discussed)?

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      Hi Seon, it’s interesting you mentioned that. After much mulling over, the editors and I thought the headline was accurate and indicative of the article’s content; because Bitcoin’s blockchain does have problems, which the article detailed, and the company IOTA thinks it can solve them. To mention the name of the company doesn’t mean much for a reader coming at it with fresh eyes. IOTA is a new name, whereas Bitcoin is well known. Perhaps in that sense it could seem click-baity, but that wasn’t the intention.

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        Hi Linh. It may simply be an associative thought, and it’s certainly possible that in this case the title is about as informative as it can be.
        Somehow I still feel like something along the lines of “New form of distributed ledger promises to improve upon Bitcoin’s /blockchain’s weaknesses” sounds better. Could be just me, though.

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    Hi Chris, you’re right, it wasn’t exactly hacked and the number was around $4 million. I’ve fixed that now.

    Regarding the MIT discussion, I mentioned here that IOTA did include a lengthy rebuttal to show that it did try to defend itself. You can find it in the section that mentions MIT.

    Thanks for your help.

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