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    Hey Jack, a nice juicy addition about the towers at the DMZ. I don’t think you need the clause of supposition about why SK needs them. We all know they hate each other. Sentence works better (less cognitive load) without.

    I shall keep reading your work with interest.


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    That’s grand. Peter asked me to give some feedback.
    Apart from the suggestions above, the only thing is that you could make it a little more dramatic, without going all Daily Mail. ‘The tech leaders do not want to be responsible for rogue AI weapons which could kill indiscriminately … One scenario is that an AI weapon could decide to fire or bomb ….’ (etc …as you know the subject well having consumed all those UN and campaign sources.)


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      Hi Angela, thanks very much for your thoughts.
      I’ll reply to all here for ease. The letter cites “third revolution” and I feel like I’ve read somewhere that nuclear weapons are considered the second revolution, but I can’t find where I saw that – or any other references to the two previous revolutions of warfare. I will keep looking.
      The GGE is new – there had been previous meetings of experts, the last of which decided to establish a GGE. I’ll try to establish what the difference is.
      I’ll chuck something in about the South Korean gun towers – as you suggest, will add some colour.
      Thanks for your help.

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    Me again…

    “A new Group of Governmental Experts (GGE)” ….

    The GGE already exists (I think) so this is a newly-constituted version of it, is it? A fine difference but there is a distinction.

    This goes with another AI or war story, right … as it’s an explainer.


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    Hi Jack, I’m having a look at the piece on autonomous weapons. Really good topic. Did I miss it, or what are the first and second revolutions of warfare? if we mention the third, tell the worriers what the first two were. It can be inserted down the story.
    And would it be possible to have one more sentence about the automated gun towers in South Korea? To give the reader a mental picture of what they actually do (e.g., do they fire a volley of shots if a sensor detects human-sized movement?)


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