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    Wikitribune’s article on which parties are standing for Catalonia’s independence on 21/12 ( is interesting, but what about publishing an overview of those parties that do not necessarily want independence, but at least greater autonomy from Madrid? Madrid’s intervention in Catalonia after the independence declaration raises the question whether Madrid should legally (at least) continue to have as much power over Catalonia as it had before. It stands to reason that, after what happened, many Catalan voters would want more autonomy from Madrid. So, which parties that do not want independence have convincingly declared that they will vigorously pursue more autonomy for Catalonia? Which party heads and candidates have been challenged on this point in public (radio, TV-interviews)? And as far as those anti-independence parties that by now have not committed to more autonomy are concerned … would it not be safe to assume that they do not want more (and maybe even want less) autonomy for Catalonia than it had before 1st October?

    More autonomy for Catalonia – is that not the litmus test for anti-independence parties that could swing the outcome of the election one way or another?

    Also, let us look beyond the election. Whatever its outcome, Catalonia is likely to have a big task ahead in dealing with its division between pro- and anti-independence citizens. In an effort to make a contribution, I – as an EU-citizen – will be launching a site ( ) to help bridge that divide and bring in grass-roots help from the other EU-countries, seeing that EU-politicians mostly seem to think that Catalonia’s problem is a local issue… Why that is not the case, would be the subject for another article…

    PS: If you happen to know anyone, especially in Catalonia, who would be interested in contributing to the future project at in one way or another, please feel free to give them my email address [email protected].

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    How you feel about December 21 elections: I think they are necessary part for a difficult solution
    What you perceive the mood on the ground to be like: Expectant, but with little confidende they will provide a solution.
    Whether you think the elections will put the independence crisis to rest, one way or another: I don’t think so, independentists feel alienated from Spain and that they have a right not to want to be in Spain. They will go on.

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