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    Why do you provide a non-medical source for the estimation of the 200 million lives saved by penicillin? I checked the encyclopedia cited, and it does not have a source hyperlinked to this statement: “It is estimated that penicillin has saved at least 200 million lives since its first use as a medicine in 1942.” Am I to assume that “fact” is located in the sources the encyclopedia provided? If so, why wasn’t such a considerable fact hyperlinked? Better yet, the old-school journalism I was taught and that I taught many other journalists is to cite your source in the copy. Such as, “The Centers for Disease Control says that ***** lives have been saved by penicillin.” Better yet, why not cite multiple sources? Do they all agree on the number of lives? While many may not view this “fact” as important, all facts are important. What is wrong with journalism today is the large absence of provable, citable and credible sources. The WikiTribune, if it wants to change this trajectory toward trash journalism, should be more vigilant when it comes to facts.

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    what is very scary is that American Academy of pediatrics still recommends penicillin as a first-line agent in the treatment of some pulmonary infections they generate guidelines and demand that all pediatricians follow those guidelines Insurance companies generate differences in payments based upon whether the physician is following the guidelines pediatric infectious disease society and the infection disease Society of America 2011 anyone who digs through the study and the guideline will clearly see that wear penicillin was use the child most likely had a viral infection such as respiratory syncytial virus influenza meta-Pneumovirus or some other viral infection the use of penicillin was identified as effective meanwhile all of the other children probably went on to do doom

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    The society mechanisms we have for research and development of the health system and drugs in particular are no longer fit for the purpose of the common good. Investment in new drugs now takes millions of dollars which means corporations and governments must also invest millions in the patent system.
    Do away with patents for health products and drugs and replace with a enforceable “Right to recovery of investment” . The terms of this right could be set to resemble patents in some respects but without the terms that allow such egregious exploitations of health system customers and patients.

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    Well blow me down! ‘Staphylococcus aureus bacteria strains resistant to penicillin emerged in 1950, only six years after it was first mass produced.’ Only *SIX* years! How we’ve managed to muddle along for this long is a miracle.

    The article mentions patients ‘shopping around’ for GP’s who will prescribe them antibiotics, I wonder if it would be worthwhile to find out what (if any) schemes are being introduced to reduce this, or just to reduce the perception of antibiotics being a magic cure-all drug in general.

    But anyway, really great work!

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    It would be good if the article could include a few words on what the industry is doing to find new antibiotics and other ways of fighting bacterial illnesses. Over the last few years I’ve read articles that talk about some promising research being done in the labs around the world. And if possible a few words on why Big Pharma has until relatively recently not been willing to invest money into new antibiotic R&D.

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