History for Big Read: Loss of tropical forests threatens search for antibiotics

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Note → fixing format

**** Latest version ****
Note → Minor change to paragraph two
Note → Subediting
Note → Tidying up, editing
Note → Adding link to superbugs
Note → fixed quote
Note → improving and trying to fix
Note → Adding a bit of detail regarding the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance
Note → changed one word
Note → Final edit and filed, changed primary category
Note → minor edits
Note → Final edit, pending Harry adding some references
Note → putting in hero pic
Note → small copy fixes
Note → minor edit
Note → updated sources and references
Note → minor edits
Note → small copy edit prevents to prevent
Note → awkward phrase
Note → quality control
Note → removing bold
Note → rewording,tightening
Note → deleting editor's question
Note → final save
Note → sci museum link
Note → pulling out quote/taking superbugs
Note → copy fixes for clarity
Note → minor edits
Note → moved picture
Note → added pictures
Note → Science Museum mention and link space
Note → tightening
Note → ref to hutchings and link
Note → copy edits
Note → copy sculpting
Note → first link to global warming effect
Note → copy edit
Note → minor edits
Note → restructing
Note → minor edit
Note → fixing picture
Note → reinserting picture
Note → adding links and sources
Note → added picture
Note → adding pictures
Note → adding more
Note → minor edit
Note → adding more
Note → changing summary
Note → author questions and copy fixes
Note → BCGI link on 70,000
Note → running out link
Note → removed twitter
Note → removed unnecessary links
Note → Americanized headline
Note → added highlights, words and reference
Note → added highlights
2017-09-05 19:42:08 ... Maciej Boni
Note → Fixed spelling of Eli Lilly (was "Lily")
Note → added space
Note → experiment moving references to sources box
Note → updated references
Note → Ref changed
Note → changed bibliography
Note → 'Sources' section isn't displaying stuff so moved back to main text of article
Note → moved bibliography, references and additional sources to 'sources' section
Note → improving bibliography
Note → flipped headline to make active stedda passive
Note → removed some bolding
Note → bolded synopsis
Note → style changes
Note → updated bibliography and added twitter handle
Note → removing bibliography links
Note → Updated links, Editor
Note → added two words
Note → bibliography changed
Note → another restructure
Note → Adds and suggestions and comments, Editor
Note → copy edit
Note → moved thesis, restructured lede, removed redundancy
Note → updated bibliography and changed sentence
Note → deleted space
Note → added video
Note → bibliography added
Note → changed sentence
Note → deleted space
Note → embedded most links
2017-08-17 14:20:20 ... Harry Ridgewell (talk | contribs)
Note → first draft

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