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    [This comment has been hidden] - by Fiona Apps (talk | contribs) on 2018-08-07 09:27:17 Reason: Personal attacks
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    How this will play out isn’t much of a stretch. People will do to robots what they have done to dogs. Dogs are the product of human selection, robots will be selected by the same market.

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    Really interesting article Lydia, thanks for writing it!

    Just some thing I thought were particularly interesting, ‘…even greater objectification of women as a result of robots as sexualized, subordinate, playthings.’ I wonder how valid is this claim given sex robots are not women. Maybe I’m being biased but I can’t (or won’t?) imagine that the way someone treats a robot can be linked to the way someone treats another human being. As gross as Sharkey’s soap dish comparison is, I can’t find fault in that sentiment.

    ‘The head moves and talks and can be combined with existing sex doll bodies for a more “lifelike” experience.’

    As the line between ‘life like’ and ‘living’ blurs, the possible applications of sex robots are only going to bring more and more complicated situations. You mentioned sex robots being used to treat social anxiety and erectile dysfunction but I wondered what you’d think about, say, paedophiles, being rehabilitated with specifically designed sex robots?

    I haven’t researched this but it we take that there is no link between behaviour with a robot and behaviour with a human being, Is there a line that should be drawn between a silicone and and a flesh and blood human being?

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      Hi Thibagaran, thanks for your comment.

      Robots are not women, but the ones detailed in the piece that are being developed at the moment are “female presenting”. So they appear as women, speak like women (if they have a voice element) and are therefore treated as women. I think the concern comes from the treatment of robots as women, which some say could enhance gender bias against women.

      There is also the pedophile narrative, which is interesting but there was not enough space to include that in this piece – it’s a piece all on its own. I think there is a guy in Japan making “child” sex dolls for pedophiles, to stop them offending. Whether it can stop, or influence, child abuse, isn’t my place to say but there are theories.

      I think we’ll be seeing some form of legislation in the future about relationship robotics, and there are people out there already calling for legislation.

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