History for Big Read: Catalonia crisis splits families and friends

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Note → Adding and republishing

**** Latest version ****
Note → added 1 sentence with injured security officers number
Note → Grammar: removing extraneous "a"
Note → minor edit to october 1 par
Note → made 2 additions to October 1 par – added ref boycott sentence and october 1 violence
Note → minor edit to 4th par
Note → tiny edit to second highlight
Note → minor edit: missing "be" afer "wouldn't"
Note → Reformatting headline for widows
Note → minor edit to second to last paragraph
Note → minor edits to second to last par
Note → Correction: Javier Rodriguez's wife was born in Asturias, not Catalonia.
Note → minor edits
Note → Updated headline
Note → Publishing PGB
Note → added a link
Note → minor style edits
Note → minor edits
Note → minor edits
Note → minor edit
Note → minor edit
Note → mino edits
Note → minor edit
Note → minor edits
Note → saved as pending
Note → Updated
Note → Updated
Note → Updated
Note → Updated
Note → Adding pictures
Note → Final edit with luck
Note → minor edits
Note → added survey results
Note → added a sentence
Note → updated with october 30 news
Note → bolded lede
Note → added link to hard news story
Note → italicised WikiTribune
Note → minor edits
Note → minor edits
Note → minor edits
Note → update with hero pic
Note → hero scene
Note → attempting to add a hero picture
Note → removing spaces
Note → restoring 'overblown' sentence
Note → updating
Note → trimming
Note → updating
Note → removing space
Note → hero pic
Note → updating
Note → tightening top
Note → fiddling
Note → finessing Rajoy in contrast to Franco
Note → correcting Soraya surname
Note → Franco full name
Note → taking out 'Whatever his faults' in interests of super-neutrality
Note → dot in U.K. to standardise style
Note → avoiding two pro-Spains in a row
Note → adding people to differentiate from parties 4th par
Note → adding number in Parlament
Note → breaking up long sentence
Note → minor edits
Note → added picture
Note → minor edit
Note → minor edits
Note → minor edits
Note → deleted 1 word
Note → updated to reflect weekend's events
Note → Minor edits
Note → minor edits
Note → rewrote "personal toll on Catalans sentence"
Note → wrote nutgraf and rejigged top bit
Note → minor updates
Note → minor edit
Note → added Margarita voice
Note → added Juher pic
Note → amended Bosch name
Note → corrected Rodríguez's name
Note → ditching parentheses on Culla
Note → saving witih Xavi
Note → removed space
Note → updating
Note → minor update
Note → testing length
Note → Rabasseda pic
Note → Xavi pic in
Note → one x-head too many
Note → turning Estelada back to what George said
Note → correcting (again) spelling to estrelada
Note → Estelada, NOT Estrelada
Note → this version
Note → minor update
Note → minor update
Note → new x-head
Note → trimming and tagging
Note → tightening top pars
Note → revising headline, standfirst
Note → combining Serret sentences
Note → update with link to explainer
Note → trimming, Rabasseda first name second mention
Note → trimming Rabasseda
Note → apos on sides'
Note → trimming Bosch, which has taken up a lot of room
Note → highlights update
Note → x-heads etc
Note → tightening and trimming
Note → refining referendum explanation
Note → 2nd highlight
Note → drafting highlights
Note → subheads etc
Note → not their neighbours necessarily
Note → trimming and combining pars
Note → history bit
Note → subheads
Note → changing headline
Note → updating
Note → trimming for length
Note → subhead
Note → standardising name references
Note → updating
Note → removed () from el pais
Note → tightening
Note → late to explain waking
Note → First sentence needs something
Note → dating Franco's death
Note → you can't really roam a sight
Note → added links
Note → added standfirst
Note → added links
Note → standfirst
2017-10-26 12:01:34 ... George Engels (talk | contribs)
Note → 1st draft

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