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WikiTribune documents facts and fact checking

This is a brand new wiki. The most important thing you can do is Be Bold in updating. Many things are possible, this is not a place where you have to ask permission. Work with kindness in the spirit of a harmonious and collaborative search for the truth.

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Experienced users may find the Pending Changes a place to find some quick things to check on. (Hopefully we will keep this queue very very small indeed).

Fact checks[edit | edit source]

Here is an example fact check done by WT volunteers, and moved here just to show how it might look in the new software:

Fact check: Jon Meacham's attributed quote to Clifford Walker, at a 1924 convention of the Ku Klux Klan - original

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Repository pages[edit | edit source]

These pages will be repositories collecting all known fact checks of individuals and groups (organizations) both from WikiTribune and from other reputable (or not so reputable) fact checking organizations.

Individual people[edit | edit source]

Politics[edit | edit source]

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Sample articles:

Entertainment[edit | edit source]

Jenny McCarthy

Businesspeople[edit | edit source]

Non-fiction writers[edit | edit source]

Groups[edit | edit source]

Companies[edit | edit source]

Topics[edit | edit source]

These are typically categories rather than articles. At the top of the category page is an explanation of the subject, and then comes a list of all relevant pages to that topic.

News articles[edit | edit source]

This can be any type of news article. Something happened. Who, what, when, where, why.

European measles outbreak sees record number of cases in 2018
The European area sees more than 80,000 cases of measles in 2018, triple the number of the previous year in a "preventable tragedy"
President Trump declares national emergency to secure funding for border wall with Mexico
February 15: The President declares a 'National Emergency' to secure funding for the border wall, saying "walls work"
Former Vatican treasurer found guilty of “historical child sexual offenses”
"At some point we realise that we trusted someone we should have feared" - Cardinal George Pell found guilty of sexual offences. The 77 year old was convicted in December 2018, but due to a suppression order it was not able to be reported.
The ongoing nuclear-arms negotiations between the United States and North Korea
The relationship between the United States and North Korea regarding nuclear capabilities has often been tumultuous. WikiTribune has collated a history of U.S.-North Korea relations, negotiations and sanctions over nuclear capabilities.

Media Roundups[edit | edit source]

This is a type of story in which we take a look at what other media are saying.

Interviews[edit | edit source]

This is a verbatim (or near-verbatim) transcript of an interview.

Getting started[edit | edit source]