Thibagaran Baskaran

United Kingdom

Not your typical millennial Londoner. Trying to be as bipartisan as I can, I consume articles, videos and podcasts published by The Spectator, New Statesman, and The Economist. I regularly read The FT, Private Eye and the London Review of Books.

My view on the purpose of ‘news’ comes mostly from Alain de Botton’s book ‘The News: A User’s Manual’. A choice excerpt: ‘We could sympathize with more or less anyone if their story was told to us in a certain way – and we wouldn’t necessarily be wrong to do so.’

I recently graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Religions. I’m currently working in the NHS before I go to medical school.

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  1. Hey Thibagaran, thanks for updating the briefing. We’re gonna be trying something out in the coming days that I think that’d be really good for. It’d be good to have a list with a slightly more condensed ‘what I’ve been reading’ and a bigger ‘what I’d like to know’.

    So more like the ‘What are the implications of drone transport?’ and less like the ‘UK Cabinet shaken by sexual assault allegations’.

    Does that make sense? Just trying to nudge the staff journalists in the best direction we can take them, which means writing what *you* want to know about. (You can see Geoff makes great suggestions as well so I’m off to go ask him too.)

    – your friendly community manager

    1. Heya Fiona! Thanks for that, i’ll keep it in mind for future posts 🙂

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