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I’m a PhD chemist, a Visiting Professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering at U. Leeds (so I have access to the academic literature) and an independent scientist who writes books (the most recent ones are free-to-download eBooks) on technical topics such as nanocoatings, adhesion, surfactants, solubility and printing. I try to give away as much of my knowledge as possible via technical apps on my website – all free, free of adverts etc. I consult on technical problems all around the world.

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  1. Steve, I am just doing some work on the oceans story. Do you have specific professional expertise in this area?

    1. I’m merely a PhD scientist (chemist) who likes applying basic logic to emotive topics such as the ocean plastics and (prompted by the controversial news about the EU re-licensing glyphosate) worries about carcinogens. I don’t know if you (or anyone) has spotted that story which will quickly lose its relevance.

      1. Yes, we are working on it. Thanks. It’d be good if you’d be kind enough to add that experience to your profile since I realise I’m not the first to ask. Thanks.

        1. Sorry! I was so terrified of WT when I first registered that I didn’t fill in the details. Now fixed

  2. I’m just a guy who works at home and who very rarely uses a cab. I have zero specialist knowledge about cabs. My interest is more in the idea of using the stakeholder approach as a routine tool within WT. The idea happened to have evolved from the Talk on the Black Cab article and crucially, it was not my idea. Because it seemed a good idea in general, and because no one else was standing around wanting to run with it, totally against my expectations I found myself writing it. Somehow the article, if it ever makes it into real life, needs some involvement with, or approval of the guy whose idea it was. I’ll head next for your edited version and see if it’s now obvious how to involve others.

    Thanks for even reading it, let alone editing it!

  3. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your submission, which I have edited. I wondered if you could clarify your involvement – do you work for a taxi firm, or own one? If so, can you explain that somewhere near the start of your piece? Thanks.

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