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    Hi Robbie,

    I was wondering if you wanted to work on another story concerning OA and scientific research. It seems to be a topic you know quite a bit about.

    Some ideas I have:
    – Do publishing companies like Elsevier have sway in East Asia?
    – Investigate whether OA initiative will actually harm research/publishing, as detractors claim.

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      Hi Charles

      I have no specific information about academic publishing in China, Japan, and South Korea. Nor do I have any particular insight in relation to OA uptake and research and career harm (and benefit). Here is what I opined recently on a mailing list (lightly edited):

      “This [Plan S] development is very significant. I imagine that the legacy publishing houses will slowly but surely be replaced by lightweight discipline-managed open access journals and platforms. Moreover there will be no need for manuscripts to be reset by academic publishers, thereby avoiding further errors and an additional proofing loop. I suppose also that journal impact factors will steadily be replaced by citation metrics that reflect more on authors and content and less on venues and gatekeeping?”

      For the record, I do have some knowledge of the uptake of open-source software in science and the opportunities and challenges this presents. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll do a story sometime, if I can hang it on some newsworthy event. HTH, Robbie

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        That’s an excellent piece of analysis. I completely understand time constraints. As an alternative, we could start a discussion on this topic.

        We/I can could collect ideas on how to report on the opportunities and challenges of open-source software. This topic is something the WT community would enjoy.

        This project could be structured to broadly outline the pros and cons of open source. Or it could be something more focused. What do you think?

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          The pros and cons debate is long gone: open source software is now the dominant paradigm for new projects. Although it should be noted that many of these projects are cloud. What is being discussed now is project governance and how small to medium firms can make a living in this new world of dominance by the tech giants. But some event and/or effort to interview key people would be required to make this newsworthy. Not just yet I’m afraid, but will keep your suggestion in mind.

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    Hey Robbie – I’ve removed your talk post which contained your personal phone number for privacy reasons. I advise against posting things like that in the strongest terms. You never know what people will do with your information online!

    If I could re-instate your comment with a fake phone number, I would like to do so. Could you please let me know one way or another?

    – your friendly community manager

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      Hello Fiona. Thanks. That was a mistake. Though I am not personally concerned that my listed phone number is on a publicly accessible talk page.

      But please reinstate the comment with a fake or x-ed out phone number. With best wishes, Robbie

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        Done! 🙂

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    I am currently seeking additional quotations from other open access commentators. I will also contact Elsevier once the story is live and I can send their PR department a URL.

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