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Peter Bale was the Launch Editor of WikiTribune, responsible for delivering on the editorial vision of the founders. He is a former Reuters news agency correspondent and editor and has held roles in news organizations including The Financial Times, The Times, Microsoft and CNN. Most recently he was the Chief Executive Officer of investigative journalism non-profit The Center for Public Integrity which incorporated the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. He is also the President of the Global Editors Network.

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30 April 2018

24 April 2018

20 April 2018

16:49:00, 20 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Updated)
• (view) . . Comment: Feedback on everything please!‎; 13:37:02, 20 Apr 2018 . . Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Actually I did Palestine since it is an accepted geographic and cultural definition even if some may argue about its existence as a political and national entity. Thanks for raising it. )
( tax ) .. - Category Palestine created; 13:36:07, 20 Apr 2018.. Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎ ( created )
• (view) . . Comment: Feedback on everything please!‎; 13:34:31, 20 Apr 2018 . . Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> That is a very interesting question and highly political as you know. I am now going to add Gaza and West Bank even though they are not officially countries in a sense. )
12:38:56, 20 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Updated with WikiProject)
12:24:04, 20 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Reordered and republished)
• (view) . . Comment: Difficulty verifying chemical attack amplified by pro-Assad misinformation‎; 09:19:50, 20 Apr 2018 . . Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Robert Fisk lives in Beirut. We are not disparaging his work on the ground, merely being clear that the people he is quoting - or some of them - did not actually see what they suspect. It is very much the fog of war which is not to say his report isn't an important addition to the puzzle. Experience so far suggests that in these events the Bellingcat agency which we also quote has a strong record of independent verification. On the other hand, it is also the case that trying to verify the events is extremely difficult and then confused by determined efforts to obfuscate. Which is what this story is trying to report on. )
• (view) . . Comment: Difficulty verifying chemical attack amplified by pro-Assad misinformation‎; 09:15:50, 20 Apr 2018 . . Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> What "alternatives" would you like to see explored? We are trying to sift through the lies, deliberate misinformation and propaganda to get the most credible information from the sources with the most reliable record. The information from Bellingcat in the story is probably the most reliable so far. If you have suggestions of well-backed up information as opposed to conspiracy theories, please do add them here or in the story itself. )

19 April 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Anatomy of a non-news story: man who was on moon saw UFO, or not‎; 17:05:27, 19 Apr 2018 . . Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Thanks very much. Personally, I thought it wasn't worth debunking because it was such a crap story from a truly crap origin but it did give a chance to show how news works so maybe I was wrong. Thanks. )
17:01:09, 19 Apr 2018 ( diff | hist). . Far-right 'identitarians' struggle for a foothold in Britain (Updated → Republished without hero image in story)
16:58:03, 19 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Updated and publishing)
12:03:28, 19 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Updated and reordered)
11:55:30, 19 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Published)
• (view) . . Comment: Sakib Rasul‎; 09:56:27, 19 Apr 2018 . . Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Thanks for that suggested change to the disinformation story. I reversed it because your change actually switched the intention of the story which is to counter or explain misinformation not actually spread it. )
09:35:20, 19 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Publishing)

18 April 2018

14:01:07, 18 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Publish)
13:43:23, 18 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Updated)
13:40:58, 18 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Reordered and published)
09:52:22, 18 Apr 2018 (diff). . Top Stories (Updated → Updated and reordered)
• (view) . . Comment: Turkish snap election; UN inspectors 'delayed by gunfire' in Douma‎; 09:32:48, 18 Apr 2018 . . Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Thanks. It was interesting. Inconclusive but interesting. )

17 April 2018

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24 April 2018

27 March 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Demand for gun control triggers global #MarchforourLives protests‎; 08:14:30, 27 Mar 2018 . . Fiona Apps (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> I've changed the first instance to suit the reference (good catch) but Oregon Live seems to be reporting on an AR-15 assault rifle specifically, rather than weapons. )

04 January 2018

02 January 2018

11 December 2017

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  1. Hello,

    I submitted a ‘how to’ project on browsing WT via recent changes view quite a while ago. Based on continuing comments I’ve seen on the feedback page that info would seem to be useful to many, but the project is still ‘Pending’.

    Perhaps the process for a community member creating a new project is not clear to me – does an editor need to move the status from ‘Pending’?

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Peter, Fiona told me to write you a reminder here concerning my story which is ready since a couple of days. Regards,

    1. Thanks. Steve has sent you some suggestions. Yes?

  3. Hello Peter,

    You asked whether I thought the Nobel Prize briefing was ready for an editor to have a look at.

    If you or any other editor has the time, I would welcome you to have a look and see if it is publishable.

    I barely know the difference between story type : “briefing” and other types of articles, but I am guessing “brief” means that the article should probably not be a lot longer than it is.

    If I wrote a longer article on gravitational waves, which story type might fit best?

    1. Thanks, Daniel! Jumping in here. I’ll take a look at Nobel now.
      And we’re mindful of the potential confusion on story types. More on that TK.
      Working on smoothing out the story process over here — would love to hear more about what you’re thinking re: gravitational waves // what the STORY is!

      1. re: “re: gravitational waves // what the STORY is!”

        I tried to have a look but I could not find this story.

  4. Hello Peter,

    After some difficulty logging in, and other commitments which kept me away from WT, I’ve just started to make edits. The first few were promptly reversed! I’ve emailed Fiona, as below, and am awaiting a response.

    I also made this suggestion yesterday (showing in Talks), but had no response.

    Hello. Why are we saying in par 2 ‘It was one of……….?’ Is it not better to say ‘worst since 1949’?

    Hi Fiona,

    I made a few edits to this yesterday but it seems David Bennett reversed them – without even checking Wikipedia. We need to have reliable people. I’m not going to spend my time re-reversing. In particular, to change the Free Democratic Party back to the Federal DP is an egregious error, as was the first use of the name. How this survived so many revisions and edits is beyond me. We will have many well-educated readers when we launch and some of those would notice this mistake.

  5. Hi Peter! We can chat here from now on

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