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    Hi Orit,

    I love the WikiTribune project. So far I have adapted Twitter as my operating environment, as can be seen, for example, in my Medium blog story “Can #SocialBusiness3DoC disable #FakeNews? ( ).” Who knows, maybe some of my close to 250 stories on Medium might qualify as stories in WikiTribune as opposed to Medium.

    What follows has two precedents. They are in “Talk for Article ‘A neither #Brexit, nor #Bremain, #EU28 wide referendum scenario'” and in “Talk for Article ‘FT: Can Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales fix the news?'” The first precedent is about whether or not the article qualifies as news for WikiTribune as it has a proposal that maybe you were not expecting.

    I don’t propose such decision be framed as a debate under the primacy of the parts as used in representative democracy politics, but as a generative dialogue under the primacy of the whole as I guess should be used in direct democracy politics, as can be seen in this search with many hits on my Grupo Millennium Hispanola (GMH) blog. Many posts resulting from that search have links don’t work anymore. For example, those that are from my EWPC Blog on Energy Central that was eliminated with more than 300 posts, however most of those post are available unlinked in the GMH Blog.

    The second precedent is about the “fix” word used by John Thornhill, which I suggest to go a bit deeper by differentiating between transitioning the news as I guess is being done elsewhere and transforming the news as WikiTribune envisions and maybe others have done or are already doing.

    After John Thornhill RT your tweet “Letter from @jimmy_wales and me about where @WikiTribune is heading” with the quote “What we are doing is inverting completely how people normally think about communities and journalists – the community is not here to merely help the journalists. Rather the journalists will be here to work for the community” I added two tweet to make a three tweets conversation for the #GlobalDebout community.

    There two ways journalist can work for the community. One is about transitioning, which is very weel supported by the book “New Power,” by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms.” The question that remains is whether this will help the community go in the old direction the way “how people normally think” or the new direction that the WikiTribune project is aiming at. In that light, I proposed a “Systems Architecting heuristic methodology “Fact of Life” #GlobalDebout Big Shift in direction away from the Money currency into the Trust “current” (as coined in #NewPower).”

    One of the best quotes on this is that of the hashtag #Fordism. A “most famous quote attributed to Henry Ford is this: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Of course, there are deniers that he ever said that. Anyway the this is what I said in one of the tweets that I sent to John Thornhill that on the second precedent, “If I had asked voters what they wanted, they would have said the American Way of Life”*… which of course is unsustainable.

    This is tweet #2: Jose A Vanderhorst S @gmh_upsa 15h15 hours ago More Replying to @johnthornhillft

    Jose A Vanderhorst S Retweeted Jose A Vanderhorst S
    “When people don’t understand each other, they can’t converse or find common ground… if we could only press a “reset” button… could be different and we could move forward together as a country.” — @HiddenTribesUS

    Is … the “reset” button for #Brexit?

    This is tweet #3. Jose A Vanderhorst S @gmh_upsa 48m48 minutes ago More

    If “journalists will be here to work for the community” is a #Jobsism proposal that people are not expecting but will love, Will they investigate a #Jobsism proposal of an electoral arrangement that works as a system with respect to globalization that people are not expecting?

    Please respond!

    Best regards!

    José Antonio (we use both names in our culture)

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    Your first talk page message!

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