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21 March 2018

20 March 2018

17:30:54, 20 Mar 2018 ( diff | hist). . Voices of Russians in 'Londongrad' speak of fear and propaganda (Updated → tony is wrong, or some jargon im unfamiliar with)

14 March 2018

08 March 2018

02 March 2018

26 February 2018

15 February 2018

13 February 2018

14:24:51, 13 Feb 2018 ( diff | hist). . US budget put to vote; Colombia restricts Venezuelan migration (Updated → copy edit, ethnic cleansing has not just been against 690,000 Rohingya who fled. Others were killed)
• (view) . . Comment: UK could make extremist content blocker compulsory‎; 14:08:09, 13 Feb 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Finding 94% of known extremist propaganda sounds good, though one might make the point that unless Daesh tell us about any content of theirs that we hadn't spotted there needs to be the caveat that there could be "unknown unknowns" out there. But what troubles me is the potential for false positives, how many things that were not extremist content got caught up in the net, and how does the government propose keeping such software focussed on extremism when the world and her auntie knows how filters and profiling can be retrained or even hijacked by using euphemisms. Including repurposing the filterers words as euphemisms. )
• (view) . . Comment: Has renewable energy hit a threshold for 'abrupt and irreversible change?'‎; 13:53:42, 13 Feb 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Yes at that price you aren't going to see people queue up to store photovoltaic electricity from the sunny summer to the less sunny winter. But it does become much more attractive if you are using it hundreds of times a year to store daytime solar electricity for evening use. )

12 February 2018

24 January 2018

23 January 2018

17:23:15, 23 Jan 2018 ( diff | hist). . Truckers will be first casualty of self-driving technology (Updated → Trucking may be most lethal industry in US, that isn't necessarily true elsewhere)

22 January 2018

19 January 2018

16 January 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Cheap online divorce takes advantage of January splitting season‎; 23:33:49, 16 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Re: "The cost of Co-op’s service will be pair the traditional divorce service" should that be "The cost of Co-op’s service will be per the traditional divorce service" )

15 January 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Royal wedding town of Windsor faces criticism over request to remove homeless‎; 10:06:46, 15 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Re the no confidence motion, in one paragraph this is described as an opposition motion and in the next as an internal motion within the conservative party. That only makes sense if there are two such motions, one inside his party in private and the other in public on the council. )

14 January 2018

22:49:47, 14 Jan 2018 ( diff | hist). . Protests spark promises of Tunisian reform, panic in Hawaii after false missile alert (Updated → They are not citizens of Rohingya but a minority of Myanmar)

12 January 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Q&A: Michael Wolff stands by 'writerly' take on Trump's 'irregular' White House‎; 18:33:44, 12 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Steptoeing? For Brits of a certain age, that brings up visions of Steptoe and son - about as surreal a contrast to Trump as one would see outside of children's television. Does the word have a different specific meaning in the US or is it possibly a typo for Tiptoeing? )

10 January 2018

08 January 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Timeline 2018: Tracking bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies‎; 15:32:14, 08 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> This seems a very pro crypto currency article. We have others elsewhere that both point the environmental problem of excessive electricity use, their role in the enabling of crime and also the view that they are Ponzi schemes with nothing behind them. )

07 January 2018

06 January 2018

• (view) . . Comment: The politics behind voter fraud in the U.S.‎; 21:31:06, 06 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Hi Charlie, This note from Experian explains how they (and other) credit screening agencies have access to the full electoral roll in the UK. I'm not sure if the same applies in the US, but there could be other incentives to register. With millions of illegals and also legal non citizens in the US there could be incentives to register other than to vote. There is also the issue that some US voting lists are very out of date and contain people who died a long time ago. I assume that's a consequence of the way the lists are compiled - you have to go somewhere and register rather than fill in a form that us distributed to every household. Perhaps put a framing sentence at the top that the focus of this article is over illegal voting as opposed to illegal registration, voter suppression and out of date rolls. Possibly the first article in a series? )
• (view) . . Comment: The politics behind voter fraud in the U.S.‎; 17:30:57, 06 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Not sure how much this is different from the UK, but it might be an idea first to define the two different offences and why people do them. Registration fraud is when people register who shouldn't or shouldn't at that location. In the UK it allegedly takes place because being on the electoral roll improves your credit score, I can't remember if the credit card companies have access to US voter data in the way they do UK data. We also get the occasional practical joker who announces that their pet cat or similar has been sent voting papers. Voter fraud is when people vote who shouldn't - such as people who have committed registration fraud and then vote under that fraudulent registration, or who vote more than once when legally or otherwise they are registered at more than one address. Or who use someone else's vote. One measure that has probably reduced "victimless" voter fraud in the UK has been the legislation to make it easier to get postal or proxy votes. You can now legally do what allegedly some did anyway. Prosecutions, and public indignation, only seem to come where people both registered and voted illegally or where they voted on behalf of someone who did not want that to happen. )

05 January 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Why digital money is here to stay‎; 20:39:52, 05 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> As I said governments have the ability to raise taxes, I'd add they can sell public assets. They are unlikely to hold convertable assets that 100% back a currency, but it simply isn't true to say that governments don't back up their currencies. crypto currencies by contrast include currencies with nothing to back them up at all. )

04 January 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Views on Iran's protests - widespread discontent that will not subside‎; 13:47:24, 04 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> One angle that could be made more of in the story is the contrast between the cautious relatively isolationist Obama administration and the commitments by the Trump administration. The risk of course is that this emboldens the opposition, giving them false hope before the gvmt crushes them without the US actually standing by the demonstrators As for the comments about economics, and money all being spent by the elite, surely quite a large part of Iran's budget is spent on foreign conflicts. )
• (view) . . Comment: Dow Jones hits new high; Kabul suicide attack kills 11‎; 13:27:35, 04 Jan 2018 . . Jonathan Cardy (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> I thought the meetings with the Russians were attended by Trump Junior not Trump? )

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27 March 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Feedback on everything please!‎; 12:47:30, 27 Mar 2018 . . Peter Bale (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> So, we have published the item from the Russian government you submitted: The trouble with the vast majority of commentary that has come out from official and unofficial Russian sources since this incident is that most of it has been intended to sow doubt rather than address the seriousness or questions raised. For example, the idea that the attack could have been from the Czech Republic or Ukraine or somehow self-inflicted or from Porton Down itself. This cannot be a judgement free zone where everything is treated equally regardless of its credibility or the clear attempt to use a campaign of disinformation to sow doubt. That is a known and clear tactic which we have to be careful not to fall into ourselves. It is a tactic also addressed in what I consider to be an excellent and informative report by our team on hybrid war: I also think this item in the Washington Post about the concept of "whataboutism" is relevant to this discussion as well: We need to avoid conspiracy theories from all sides and from our community and anyone else peddling them. The real news and factual information is extraordinary enough without conspiracy theories. Peter )

02 February 2018

26 January 2018

12 January 2018

11 December 2017

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  1. Hey Jonathan, thanks for the help.

    I wish there was a way to flag a story to let others know who’s working on a story at any time. I always feel bad when someone begins to fine tune it and I do big changes again.

    1. Hi Miguel, if it was just copy edits on my part then don’t worry, they are just my way of marking what I’ve read. But it would be useful if we had some sort of paragraph editing feature, even Wikipedia has section editing and there is still a huge problem there with people losing work due to edit conflicts. I may make a suggestion at some point, but I suspect it would be major rewrite to WordPress and not a priority for this project yet.

  2. Hi Jonathan. Your additions to the Irish pieces are appreciated, but could you email me if you are adding to something I am in the process of writing? Such pieces should be Private and it’s a keying mistake if not. Or put your initials at the start of your paragraphs, so I know where that material came from? It speeds the process and helps with attribution if links are needed.

  3. Jonathan please stop publishing articles. All pieces need to go through an editor before this. I’m not sure how you have authority to approve changes but please stop.

    1. OK, latest tweaks should be under “save pending”

  4. Jonathan, the Brexit piece is published now. Political developments in Ireland rather derailed my end of it, but I hope it explains the situation to people in general.

  5. Hi Jonathan.

    Thanks for the Brexit addition. In fact (like Charles below) I didn’t expect the piece to be visible yet. So that’s why it was a bit messy. Am working on it more so keep an eye out for it early next week, and do collaborate where you wish.

  6. Hi Jonathon,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to edit my Obamacare article! It was published by accident, unfortunately, so it’s no longer on the site. If it is published though it will definitely include your copy edit. Thanks again.

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