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  1. The crisis in Yemen: how did we get here? religion
  2. Draft: Can Ireland stop Brexit in its tracks? expand
  3. Draft: Can Ireland stop Brexit in its tracks?
  4. Draft: Can Ireland stop Brexit in its tracks? expand detail re border
  5. Open data expand
  6. Conduct on WikiTribune — what you can expect, what we expect this needs to be plral
  7. Important terms to understand Obamacare copy edit
  8. Thousands march against Mugabe, Egypt-Gaza border opens for a time copy edit
  9. Antibiotic resistance: a looming crisis
  10. Is phosphorus running out and why does it matter? Ores are measured in terms of the proprtion of the material they contain.
  11. Bonn climate talk on track despite U.S. withdrawal c/e
  12. Bonn climate talk on track despite U.S. withdrawal c/e
  13. Analysis: Why Rohingya are world’s ‘most-persecuted minority’ copy edit
  14. Essay: Spain’s Catalan crisis: parallels across EU typos
  15. Nobel Prizes 2017 show how to make gold, cryo-stop living material, avoid diabetes, connect to reality, disarm nukes and help people make rational choices. copy edit
  16. Developing: Hamas agrees to talks of Palestinian unity copy edit
  17. Emerging: Trump considering closing US embassy in Cuba space
  18. Essay: Europe Tomorrow typos

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  1. Jonathan, the Brexit piece is published now. Political developments in Ireland rather derailed my end of it, but I hope it explains the situation to people in general.

  2. Hi Jonathan.

    Thanks for the Brexit addition. In fact (like Charles below) I didn’t expect the piece to be visible yet. So that’s why it was a bit messy. Am working on it more so keep an eye out for it early next week, and do collaborate where you wish.

  3. Hi Jonathon,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to edit my Obamacare article! It was published by accident, unfortunately, so it’s no longer on the site. If it is published though it will definitely include your copy edit. Thanks again.

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