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  2. George Soros says he'll fight 'anti-Semitic' smears (Diff | History) complete broken sentence
  3. US budget put to vote; Colombia restricts Venezuelan migration (Diff | History) copy edit, ethnic cleansing has not just been against 690,000 Rohingya who fled. Others were killed
  4. What Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan tells us about the US healthcare system (Diff | History) copy edit
  5. Destination Davos: Merkel defends global order; Trump wants 'reciprocal' trade: Mnuchin (Diff | History) Typo
  6. Truckers will be first casualty of self-driving technology (Diff | History) Trucking may be most lethal industry in US, that isn't necessarily true elsewhere
  7. US government shutdown: what it is and why it is happening (Diff | History) copy edit
  8. Amazon's new headquarters: finding the best fit, and the best deal (Diff | History) copy edit
  9. NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces pregnancy (Diff | History) typo
  10. Trump's anti-media message resonates with Asian dictators (Diff | History) typo
  11. Protests spark promises of Tunisian reform, panic in Hawaii after false missile alert (Diff | History) They are not citizens of Rohingya but a minority of Myanmar
  12. Tehran vows retaliation after U.S. sanctions, Czech presidency in the balance (Diff | History) copy edit
  13. Q&A: Michael Wolff tells all about Fire & Fury; rounds on Trump and critics (Diff | History) c/e
  14. Czech Republic presidential elections (Diff | History) copy edit

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  1. Hey Jonathan, thanks for the help.

    I wish there was a way to flag a story to let others know who’s working on a story at any time. I always feel bad when someone begins to fine tune it and I do big changes again.

    1. Hi Miguel, if it was just copy edits on my part then don’t worry, they are just my way of marking what I’ve read. But it would be useful if we had some sort of paragraph editing feature, even Wikipedia has section editing and there is still a huge problem there with people losing work due to edit conflicts. I may make a suggestion at some point, but I suspect it would be major rewrite to WordPress and not a priority for this project yet.

  2. Hi Jonathan. Your additions to the Irish pieces are appreciated, but could you email me if you are adding to something I am in the process of writing? Such pieces should be Private and it’s a keying mistake if not. Or put your initials at the start of your paragraphs, so I know where that material came from? It speeds the process and helps with attribution if links are needed.

  3. Jonathan please stop publishing articles. All pieces need to go through an editor before this. I’m not sure how you have authority to approve changes but please stop.

    1. OK, latest tweaks should be under “save pending”

  4. Jonathan, the Brexit piece is published now. Political developments in Ireland rather derailed my end of it, but I hope it explains the situation to people in general.

  5. Hi Jonathan.

    Thanks for the Brexit addition. In fact (like Charles below) I didn’t expect the piece to be visible yet. So that’s why it was a bit messy. Am working on it more so keep an eye out for it early next week, and do collaborate where you wish.

  6. Hi Jonathon,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to edit my Obamacare article! It was published by accident, unfortunately, so it’s no longer on the site. If it is published though it will definitely include your copy edit. Thanks again.

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