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14 April 2018

30 October 2017

• (view) . . Comment: Explainer: What you need to know about Catalan independence‎; 10:27:20, 30 Oct 2017 . . John Snelson (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> This sentence is very awkward and it's meaning is unclear: "Neither unions nor local government, nor the King of Spain and his ministers, showed any reluctance to kill or throw bombs." Is it punctuated correctly? I'm wondering if there should be a comma between "unions" and "nor". Too many clauses make the sentence cumbersome. Are the "bombs" metaphorical? If not I think more should be written on terrorist activity related to Catalonia. Also this sentence is unsubstantiated,and therefore possibly inflammatory. "Some would argue this is also true of the current demands." )

24 October 2017

• Attachment: john_mluc11_crop (Direct upload into media library - not attached to a particular story, project or page.) 13:09:50, 24 Oct 2017 . . (N/A)‎ . . John Snelson (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( added )

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