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Jodie DeJonge was editor-in-chief of The Cambodia Daily, an independent newspaper in Phnom Penh, until the government forced it to shut it down in September. She spent most of her career as a reporter, editor and bureau chief at U.S. offices of The Associated Press before moving to Beijing to work for China Daily. She’s based in South East Asia.

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  2. U.S. state court rules against political 'gerrymandering' (Diff | History) Edits draft
  3. Brexit voters surprised themselves by winning, stick by decision (Diff | History) Edits proposed revision for style and adds sourcing
  4. U.S. Govt shutdown persists; (Diff | History) starts briefing
  5. Kabul hotel siege ends; Turkish ground forces cross into Syria (Diff | History) Edits Thai item to attribute characterization of suspect
  6. US government shutdown: what it is and why it is happening (Diff | History) accepts text revision, but not span tag changes
  7. US government shutdown: what it is and why it is happening (Diff | History) approves revisions, eliminates references to infamous
  8. Global power and influence. Part 3: An evolving European Union (Diff | History) approves revisions with punctuation tweak
  9. Bitcoin boils over, 12 killed in Nigeria market bombing (Diff | History) starts the briefing
  10. Trump says Russia helping North Korea; Turkish troops mass on Syria border (Diff | History) edits additions to briefing
  11. Quaint royal wedding town faces criticism over request to remove homeless (Diff | History) edits, trims draft
  12. A cryptocurrency community is growing in Sudan (Diff | History) lowercase internet in lead
  13. Denmark to counter Russia by increasing military; 20 dead after clashes in Tripoli (Diff | History) adds categories, tags
  14. Quaint royal wedding town faces criticism over bid to remove homeless (Diff | History) first edits
  15. Trump denies racism, (Diff | History) starts briefing

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