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10 March 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Reputation management by countries with difficult records‎; 22:29:06, 10 Mar 2018 . . Jimmy Wales (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Yes. The correct neutral term for this is reputation management. I have changed the title accordingly. )
• (view) . . Comment: Reputation management by countries with difficult records‎; 22:27:40, 10 Mar 2018 . . Jimmy Wales (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> There having been no counter-arguments I have changed the title in line with this discussion. )

26 February 2018

24 February 2018

23 February 2018

21 February 2018

20 February 2018

16:54:14, 20 Feb 2018 . . Cryptocurrency support for WikiTribune (updated → adding further call to action)
16:29:25, 20 Feb 2018 . . Cryptocurrency support for WikiTribune (updated → fixing formatting)

19 February 2018

12 February 2018

11 February 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Feedback on everything please!‎; 17:13:43, 11 Feb 2018 . . Jimmy Wales (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> WikiTRIBUNE - we have a problem! It would appear that there is a conflict between WIkiTRIBUNE and Wikipedia which needs executive action to be resolved. It arises out of my essay: https://www.wikitribune.com/story/2018/01/19/humanrights/how-i-used-wikipedia-to-prove-my-wife-was-alive-and-change-bureaucracy/41541/#read This has led to the following: User:Philafrenzy on Wikipedia has removed the key paragraphs set out at the end of my Wikipedia entry saying: Sorry, the article on WikiTribune is not a reliable source for this subject and so your addition has been removed. It's an account of your personal experience. (You wrote in the edit summary "This procedure is not yet documented by local authorities or the UK government but I can vouch for it being the correct procedure from personal experience") It doesn't mean we don't believe you so please don't be offended. Please try adding material from a law book or a similar source. Philafrenzy (talk) 16:01, 23 January 2018 (UTC) So if Philafrenzy is correct than WikiTRIBUNE articles cannot combat fake news All my contributions to Wikipedia are under my own name, my real name, and I put my reputation for truth and honesty at stake for every amendment I make or article I write. The two contributions to the article I inserted in 2016 are as follows and are essential for properly addressing the problem. With them removed the problem could reoccur for UK citizens and their removal undermines the information available to council staff and pensioners: In the United Kingdom, a Certificate of Life is termed a Certificate of Existence, or Life Certificate. When a UK resident is in receipt of a pension from a European country from time to time the pensioner may be required to complete a Certificate of Existence form. The pensioner must get the form stamped, dated and signed by an Electoral Officer at the pensioner’s local authority. The completion process requires the pensioner to physically attend at the local authority office where he is resident with his/her passport or driving licence (as proof of identity) and a recent Council Tax bill (as proof of the pension’s address in the Local Authority). No charge is levied by the local authority for stamping, dating and signing the Certificate of Existence. Certificates of Existence are completed by a local authority because it is the arm of government which registers births, marriages and deaths of local residents and also manage the electoral register under the requirements of the [[Representation of the People Act 2000]]. No other party (e.g. a solicitor or notary) can purport to sign a Certificate of Existence since only the local authority has write-enabled access to UK death records and the electoral register. )
• (view) . . Comment: What we know about the Nunes FBI memo, its background and implications‎; 17:13:25, 11 Feb 2018 . . Jimmy Wales (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Richard P. Hutchison Landmark Legal Foundation 3100 Broadway, Suite 1210 Kansas City, MO 64111 816-931-5559 (phone) 816-931-1115 (fax) [email protected] I agree that FISC and FISA discussion warrants another story, I'll dig around for some relevant content. I'll come back to the politicization of intelligence, as you say, if/when the Democrat memo is declassified and released. )
• (view) . . Comment: Lydia Morrish‎; 17:05:16, 11 Feb 2018 . . Jimmy Wales (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Alan, I have to tell you - you absolutely are forbidden to write about this for WikiTribune. This is a very personal matter for you and you have a very clear conflict of interest. It is not appropriate for you to write about matters directly relating to you at WikiTribune, as this is not a blogging platform. )
• (view) . . Comment: Lydia Morrish‎; 17:03:30, 11 Feb 2018 . . Jimmy Wales (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Lydia The case I'm referring to is the assault on my wife that I mentioned on the "100 years after suffrage, UK women still chase equality" article talk page. One of the assailants was arrested on a charge of assault by beating and is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday to enter a plea. If he/she pleads not guilty, it will be sent to the Crown Court for trial by jury. This is the Met Police's appeal: http://news.met.police.uk/news/appeal-following-assault-in-hyde-park-270076 One of the issues I'm having trouble with is whether to refer to the person as he or she: as I understand it, he was born male (and still is, of course) but now identifies as a woman. I have avoided the gendering issue completely in what I have drafted but do you have guidance on this? If I create a new story for this, it obviously won't be completed until after the court appearance: will it just be staff who see the draft and do I just add a note about it not being ready for publishing until Thursday? I clearly need to be careful about what I say and what the artcle says and I wouldn't want it to be public. Or i8s it best to only create the new story after the court appearance? )

02 February 2018

30 January 2018

• (view) . . Comment: Jimmy Wales‎; 10:40:23, 30 Jan 2018 . . Jimmy Wales (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Sounds super interesting! We are focussed on very neutral, fact-based hard news, which I think in many ways is easier to collaborate on that more "colorful" storytelling, and so depending on what you mean, I think we're on the same wavelength! )

29 January 2018

17:43:23, 29 Jan 2018 (diff | hist). . Trudeau lectures global elite on inequality, treatment of women (updated → adding evidence! yay evidence based journalism! :-))
15:50:23, 29 Jan 2018 (diff | hist). . Open data (updated → adding call to action so it will appear on the homepage in a more appealing way)

16 January 2018

15 January 2018

05 January 2018

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12 January 2018

11 December 2017

28 September 2017

27 September 2017

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  1. Hej Jimmy,

    I hope this reaches you well!

    I really like the WikiTribune Project and think there is a lot of potential. I would like to support in an active way and lead an initiative to grow grassroots collaborative storytelling. Is there a way to get support, tools, funding or is there a way to integrate the work into the existing platform? I have some resources at my disposal and have a good network of activists, community leaders, and event organisers who could benefit from a well built tool for collaborative storytelling.

    Sincerely, c

    1. Sounds super interesting! We are focussed on very neutral, fact-based hard news, which I think in many ways is easier to collaborate on that more “colorful” storytelling, and so depending on what you mean, I think we’re on the same wavelength!

      1. Yep we probably are on the same wave for sure. Is there a way to find out how the platform is going to grow, what the strategy is? If there are stories that are more local then communities might be more active in their role in collaboration…and I would love to help get those stories started and activate communities.

  2. Hi Jimmy,

    Thank you so much for replying to my tweet. I would love to discuss with you a way to dispel public skepticism of the news presented by WikiTribune. The idea I have would be in conjunction with world class fact checking.

    I believe the main reason people doubt the veracity of news stories is that they identify a political bias coming through from the reporter, or even the organization. This is true no matter which side of the spectrum you’re on.

    Here’s how it happens.

    Reporter with liberal bias reports glass half full. Liberal news consumers do not identify any bias. Conservative news consumers immediately feel the bias. They go to their own news source who reports glass half empty, and feel the reporting here is much more objective.

    To fix this problem, you staff your newsroom with half liberals and half conservatives.

    The liberal reporter writes a story reporting the glass half full. Now the story is given to the conservative reporter who immediately identifies the bias. They edit the story. Since they were able to identify the offending particle, they can suggest: The glass has 50cc’s of water in it.

    Then they give it back to the liberal who agrees and the story goes out to the public, reporting the fact: Glass contains 50cc’s of water.

    Having reporters on both sides of the political spectrum will help you in ways you can’t foresee. It’s not just stories themselves that contain a political bias, it’s the number of stories on a certain topic, and the way you pick the stories to report on, and things that I can’t foresee either.

    Thanks for considering.

  3. I intend to start a new project focusing on revealing commonly-cited ideas or statistics that are fake or misleading, as well as debunking or correcting general common misconceptions that have badly skewed the news. These misconceptions often act as axioms or underlying assumptions altering how news is reported in other places, or are stated as simple, commonly-known facts (without citation).

    Some of these will be sensitive or controversial – I’d expect everyone would be alarmed by at least one of them. I’m prepared to write about a half-dozen articles over the next couple of days, and I have a format prepared, but I need someone to run the format and core data by. I don’t want to publish anything that would tarnish Wiki Tribune’s reputation, or drag this new project into controversy without the approval of the people running it. Would it be possible to have a private dialogue prior to my writing those articles?

    1. Just go ahead and get started – at the moment articles are only visible “on the backend” until they are published, and that’s a great place to get initial feedback.

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