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  1. Why Trump attacks the New York Times as ‘failing’ when it’s not minor correction to text
  2. Catalonia votes in key election; Peru president faces impeachment edit to reflect consensus on talk page
  3. What Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax bill will change added context that seems relevant - corp tax change brings us in line with international norms
  4. What Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax bill will change "slash" is a pretty dramatic word
  5. Q&A: Trump’s Jerusalem policy driven by groups who ‘see themselves as defenders of a greater Israel’ Typo? Did I bracket the right words?
  6. What does the latest ICBM tell us about North Korea’s nuclear capacity? Typo fix
  7. PNG evicts refugees; Yemen blockade eased Explaining abbreviation in headline
  8. Sight for more eyes – new therapies tackle blindness, and more
  9. Lebanon’s crisis is rooted in regional geopolitics linking to proof of credentials for Stephane LaCroix
  10. Lebanon’s crisis is rooted in regional geopolitics explaining who our source is. Not sure this is a great source, either.
  11. Lebanon’s crisis is rooted in regional geopolitics
  12. Lebanon’s crisis is rooted in regional geopolitics
  13. Lebanon’s crisis is rooted in regional geopolitics adding link to proof of her expert credentials

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  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Thank you so much for replying to my tweet. I would love to discuss with you a way to dispel public skepticism of the news presented by WikiTribune. The idea I have would be in conjunction with world class fact checking.

    I believe the main reason people doubt the veracity of news stories is that they identify a political bias coming through from the reporter, or even the organization. This is true no matter which side of the spectrum you’re on.

    Here’s how it happens.

    Reporter with liberal bias reports glass half full. Liberal news consumers do not identify any bias. Conservative news consumers immediately feel the bias. They go to their own news source who reports glass half empty, and feel the reporting here is much more objective.

    To fix this problem, you staff your newsroom with half liberals and half conservatives.

    The liberal reporter writes a story reporting the glass half full. Now the story is given to the conservative reporter who immediately identifies the bias. They edit the story. Since they were able to identify the offending particle, they can suggest: The glass has 50cc’s of water in it.

    Then they give it back to the liberal who agrees and the story goes out to the public, reporting the fact: Glass contains 50cc’s of water.

    Having reporters on both sides of the political spectrum will help you in ways you can’t foresee. It’s not just stories themselves that contain a political bias, it’s the number of stories on a certain topic, and the way you pick the stories to report on, and things that I can’t foresee either.

    Thanks for considering.

  2. I intend to start a new project focusing on revealing commonly-cited ideas or statistics that are fake or misleading, as well as debunking or correcting general common misconceptions that have badly skewed the news. These misconceptions often act as axioms or underlying assumptions altering how news is reported in other places, or are stated as simple, commonly-known facts (without citation).

    Some of these will be sensitive or controversial – I’d expect everyone would be alarmed by at least one of them. I’m prepared to write about a half-dozen articles over the next couple of days, and I have a format prepared, but I need someone to run the format and core data by. I don’t want to publish anything that would tarnish Wiki Tribune’s reputation, or drag this new project into controversy without the approval of the people running it. Would it be possible to have a private dialogue prior to my writing those articles?

    1. Just go ahead and get started – at the moment articles are only visible “on the backend” until they are published, and that’s a great place to get initial feedback.

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