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    Hi Charles, I think the biggest stories in my world at the moment are:

    1. The imminent legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, due this summer. Although the Senate is intent on slowing things down a bit, it is coming very rapidly and most if not all provincial governments have plans in place regarding retailing, marketing, and consuming. These range from government monopolies in Ontario (just like Liquor retailing), or gov’t wholesale/private retail in British Columbia, to public consumption in Alberta vs. only allowed in personal residences in Ontario.

    There are many unknowns and public worries about things as diverse as penalties for sales to minors to 2nd hand smoke concerns in apartments and condos.

    This story also has relations to others, the most obvious being how this will affect Canada-US relations, border controls, and trade. Especially considering the current US federal stance on cannabis, the ongoing deliberations into NAFTA, and the general “reefer madness” fears amongst parts of the general population.

    There are also connections here to other countries in the hemisphere which have made halting half steps towards legalization, or decriminalization.

    2. The other big story, although a bit more local, is how Doug Ford (brother of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford) managed, not without some controversial convention election shenanigans, to capture the leadership of the Ontario Provincial Conservative party. This puts him as odds on favorite to win the leadership in the upcoming election since the public seems tired after 15 years of liberal rule.

    Could be viewed as another Brexit, Trump, etc., reaction against the status quo . . . but there’s probably plenty of those stories already.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.
    Jim Longo

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      Hi Jim,

      I’ve been thinking about your suggestion regarding Doug Ford. Are there any public opinion studies on why people in Ontario support him?

      Perhaps WikiTribune could do a community piece on the rise of the ‘tells it how it is’ politician…

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        The perception is that whoever won the PC Convention was assured to be the next premier.

        The current Liberals have been in power for 15 years, they’ve survived a few scandals, but the current premier Kathleen Wynne is pretty unpopular, I think there’s a feeling I think that the government is wasteful.

        The election of Ford didn’t change the existing polling.
        ” According to the Poll Tracker, the Ontario PCs currently stand at 42.1 per cent support, putting them well ahead of their rivals. Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals trail with 27.2 per cent, followed by the New Democrats at 23.4 per cent and the Greens at 5.7 per cent.”

        The Parliamentary form of government all but assures that with those kind of numbers you’re looking at a sizable Conservative majority. And of course most of the PC seats will be from outside Toronto which, hence the use of words like “elites” by a wealthy white guy.

        I think Ford is pretty determined to keep his mouth shut until the election is done, but his past slim political and otherwise slimy history does not leave anyone feeling very comfortable. The last PC government in Ontario (Mike Harris) was pretty destructive, feeling is we’re possibly in for it again.

        All that to say that I’m not sure that the people of Ontario support him, Ontario is generally a slightly left of center locale, I suspect Trump would have an approval in the 20s here.

        It’s Ford’s election to lose, which is why he’s dodging the press as much as possible.

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    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for adding to the Jeff Sessions story. He’s been an active Attorney General, and as you point out, one with views out of step with the majority of Americans…. especially younger folks. My hope is that this story can be an up-to-date rundown of his office.

    Do you have any ideas/questions for a possible story? I’d love to hear them and maybe start something.


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